How To Choose The Perfect Edge Profile For Your Countertop

How To Choose The Perfect Edge Profile For Your Countertop

Adding granite countertops to any remodel project is not as simple as picking a natural stone slab and having it professionally installed. Choosing the edge profile is an important decision that deserves more consideration that choosing the best looking option. A smooth edge is more durable than projected corners, but it may not be worth sacrificing the silhouette that you truly desire for strength. Get to know the basics of each option so that you can make an educated decision based on which edge profile suits both your style and needs.

  • Classic Ogee – A very classic look that is more ornate than a smooth edge, typically featuring a dramatic curve. The appearance of a clean, rounded silhouette is perfect for adding a focal point to an otherwise standard kitchen island.
  • Basic Bullnose – Sleek, rounded edges at the top and bottom edge are a very popular edge option. It is ideal for use in slabs that extend beyond the edge of the cabinet or surrounding an island.
  • Triple Bullnose – Featuring a more regal appearance, the waterfall edge features a look of stacked bullnose edges. This style is a great highlight to a small space, but it does require more complex cleaning in the details.
  • Polished Standard – A squared shape is one of the most popular for thicker pieces of engineered stone because it is elegant, yet easy to maintain. With a common application as kitchen countertops, is incredibly durable as the edges are perfectly smooth and flat without any ornate details.
  • Half-bullnose – The top of this edge is rounded the same as a standard bullnose design, but the bottom is squared. Homeowners prefer this selection near sinks because the square bottom would prevent any water from making contact with the cabinetry.
  • Double Bevel – A specialized cut that emphasizes the thickness and beauty of the natural stone slab with an angular cut edge. This premium selection is generally created by layering two pieces together for enhanced visual interest.
  • Dupont Apron – This custom design option appears similar to the classic ogee placed atop a classic edge, featuring a cove-like curving. It is popular for use with granite, but homeowners also use it frequently for bathroom marble applications.
  • Dupont Bullnose – An ornamental version of the bullnose is comparable to the waterfall appearance of a triple bullnose. The major difference is that the edge appears similar to a staircase for a stylized take on the classic design.

Call to set up an appointment so that our experts can help you decide on the best edge to complete your natural or engineered stone countertop. It’s important to feel satisfied when renovating a kitchen or bathroom in a style that reflects your own.

4 Free Tools You Must Try Before You Remodel

4 Free Tools You Must Try Before You Remodel

Although remodeling can be an exciting time for any homeowner, it can also be very stressful. There are so many decisions that must be made, including the colors and textures you want in the new room. Do you want natural stone surrounding your fireplace? Will granite counters be feasible for me to use? Do I need a backsplash? All of these are questions that can be difficult when you are unable to see the vision before you begin. However, by using these free tools, you can get a better idea of how the room will look once the remodel is complete.

Kitchen Visualizer
Click the image to try the Kitchen Visualizer

Kitchen Visualizer

Use the Kitchen Visualizer to choose from four different kitchen layouts. Click the different countertops, backsplashes and cabinet colors to see how the colors all blend together. You can even select specialty flooring to get an idea how the new floor will look in your kitchen. You can even filter the counters between natural stone and quartz to narrow down your options.Check to see if the backsplash you like works with the countertops or if quartz may be the better option.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

4 Kitchen Layouts

Natural Stone or Granite Options

146 Countertop Colors


10 Different Cabinet Colors

42 Backsplash Colors

25 Flooring Options

Bathroom Visualizer

Bathroom Visualizer
Click the image to try the Bathroom Visualizer

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, use the Bathroom Visualizer to mix and match colors so that you can get an idea how they will blend together. Choose from two different bathroom layouts and try the various options to see how they look. Try a mosaic look combined with a quartz-topped vanity or see how a solid colored base floor will look with a uniquely colored cabinet.You can try changing the quartz counter and add a different mosaic tile to see if you prefer that look. The combinations are endless.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

16 Mosaics Choices

12 Floor Colors

10 Cabinet Colors

12 Countertops

2 Bathroom Layouts

Edge Visualizer

Edge Visualizer
Click the image to try the Edge Visualizer

Choosing the right edge for a countertop can be a difficult choice as it is often difficult to know which type will look best for the room. The Edge Visualizer allows you to see two different stone selections and choose a variety of edges to see which look you like the most. Select a granite counter with a beveled edge or try a more unique edging, like the Double Ogee or the Triple Pencil.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

2 Countertops Colors


12 of the most popular Edge Profiles

Stacked Stone Visualizer

Stacked Stone Visualizer
Click the image to try the Stacked Stone Visualizer

Precision cut stacked stone panels add a luxurious feel to any room. If you want to make a statement in a room, stacked stone panels are the perfect solution. However, since they are not often found in homes, it can be difficult to determine which color will look best. Use the Stacked Stone Visualizer to determine which best fits the room you are remodeling. The visualizer provides the perfect example of how stacked stone panels can add a dramatic effect to any home.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

2 Layout options

35 Different Colors

These free visualizers are provided to help homeowners create a unique, coordinated look for almost any room. Every design can be printed, download and even emailed to friends, family and your contractor. To learn more about creating your own unique look,  fill out our contact form. One of our helpful sales associates will provide you with answers to all your questions.

9 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Your Kitchen Remodel

9 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Your Kitchen Remodel

Renovating kitchens is a huge undertaking and, too often, homeowners begin the home improvement without an understanding of just how complicated it can be. These nine tips can help keep you complete a kitchen remodeling job with fewer headaches and less stress.

Think About Necessities

Although it may be fun to add extras to your kitchen, like that little wine refrigerator or a specialty faucet, try to think about what is absolutely necessary in your kitchen. For example, spending money on an extra sink that is separate from your main sink allows someone else to help prepare food or do dishes without being in the way making it much more practical than a wine refrigerator you may never use.

Research and Plan

Look at your existing kitchen and think about traffic patterns before you begin your renovation. Measure doors to be sure the appliances you choose will actually fit through them. Experts say that traffic areas should be at least 42 inches wide in homes with one cook and 48 inches in areas with more than one cook.

Hire Professionals

Of all the home improvement projects possible in a home, a kitchen renovation can be one of the most complicated. Therefore, unless you have extensive experience in overhauling kitchens, it is best to hire a qualified contractor to do the work for you.

Schematic Design

Create a drawing of your kitchen with accurate measurements before beginning the remodeling job. Include as much detail as possible, including heights of cabinets and ceilings as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Fixture and Finish Specifications

Decide what type of fixtures you need and choose the exact finish you want. Decide whether you want granite countertops or another surface, whether you want stainless surfaces and what type of faucets you may want in your sink area. Remember that your fixtures and finishes should complement each other.

Fixture and Finish Specifications

Contractor Estimates

Most professionals will develop design and construction documents for you that will outline exactly what is supposed to happen. Those documents may also include information on what the process is should there be any complications. In any construction, there can be snags along the way, anything from a granite countertop that comes in the wrong color or an electrical problem that prevents an appliance from working properly. Be sure that your contractor explains the process should things go wrong so there are no surprises.

Contracts and Documents

If you have hired a professional, it is critical to get all agreements in writing. Even if the contractor is someone you have known for a long time, having agreements in writing protects both the contractor and the homeowner should something go wrong.

Get Ready for Demolition

Once all the agreements have been signed and plans created, it is time to prepare for demolition of your old kitchen. Being organized can make the entire process run smoothly, so plan to have boxes for all your cookware and dishes that you can label to make it easier to replace them once the kitchen is completed. Prepare for not having anywhere to cook or do dishes for a few days.

The Dreaded Punch List

Punch lists are often about the little things such as missing knobs, paint touch-ups or broken tiles that occur after the job has been completed. Never pay the contractor’s final payment until the punch list items are completed. By withholding final payment, it is more likely the contractor will return to finish the minor things, but if the contractor does not return to complete the items, use the final payment to hire someone else.

These nine tips can help the remodeling of your kitchen go smoothly. Even if problems arise, you will have a plan in place to manage them.If you are contemplating a kitchen overhaul, complete our contact form or call  908.782.7773. One of our helpful sales associates will contact you as soon as possible to help guide you through your renovation.

Don’t Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

Don't Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

The exciting process of remodeling a bathroom comes with the great responsibility to make the smartest decisions. Every homeowner should focus on achieving an efficient, functional space that has a great design. Regardless of the available space, every aspect should be carefully planned before any work should begin. Identifying the following common home improvement mistakes will help guide the process while avoiding any poor decisions along the way.

Keeping the Bathroom Layout

The best thing about a full remodel is that there is freedom to rearrange the existing layout of the bathroom. Don’t feel limited to the room design as decided by a previous occupant simply because it seems to work. All of the inconveniently placed fixtures can be moved as simply as changing the plumbing layout as needed.

Eliminating Natural Light

It might not seem necessary to have a window in such a private room, but natural light is great in any space. Not only does it conserve energy during the day, the quality of light will make the space seem more open. Make use of a glass block window, stained glass, or the addition of a skylight to bring in natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Add Natural Light
Invite the Natural Light!

No Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage in a bathroom because it is vital to hide the clutter of cosmetics and toiletries. Plan ahead to increase storage space with additional shelves, a vanity, medicine cabinet, closets, and organizers to add function in a way that flows with the room style.

Being Selfish

Unless the plan is to live solo forever, the bathroom is one area that needs to comfortably accommodate two people at the same time. If there is extra space, consider a design that incorporates two sinks, or at least some additional countertop surface.

Incorporate Double Sinks
Incorporate Double Sinks

Thinking Bigger is Better

Efficiency is the most important thing when it comes to designing a bathroom. A big bathroom is not necessarily going to be the best thing if it does not suit the needs of occupants. All of the focus should be on achieving a great design that is functional.

It’s possible to make the most of your bathroom space and achieve the room of your dreams with the help of our design experts. Fill out the contact form so that we can set up a personal consultation to discuss makeover plans and designs.

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Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Bringing the Indoors, Out with an Outdoor Kitchen

The summer is a time for outdoor entertaining, but a customized outdoor kitchen can be enjoyed throughout the year if planned correctly. Making careful choices regarding everything from the flooring to the appliances will provide years of entertainment for friends and loved ones. Here’s what you should think about before you build your outdoor kitchen.

Include the Four Essential Spaces

Every functional kitchen should have a designated area for preparing food, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Start planning with these essentials and make sure that there is adequate space to work in each area without being crowded. The more work that can be done outside means less time running back inside the house.

Add a Roof Structure

Add a Roof StructureAn outdoor space that you plan to spend any time enjoying should be protected with a roof structure. No one wants to cancel plans because of unexpected rain, and with a canopy overhead, you don’t have to. It also minimizes the amount of damage the sun and rain will gradually cause to the appliances and furniture. You don’t have to create a complete enclosure as long as you can provide a comfortable cooking and dining area that is out of the direct weather.

Install Durable Cabinets and Walking Surfaces

There is no sense in cutting corners when designing a luxurious outdoor kitchen if you want it to last. Walking surfaces need to be treated for weather protection and sturdy enough to handle the weight of the kitchen and multiple guests. If you want to go with a raised platform, wood or composite decking is a great place to start. Slate and travertine stone pavers are options that add slip-resistance, or deck tiles over concrete add an aesthetic advantage. Choose a walking surface that is pleasing to your personal taste but also serves the need for sturdiness and durability.

Normal cabinets that are built for indoor use are susceptible to damage when exposed to cold temperatures and rain. Always go with cabinet solutions that are designed specifically for outdoor applications.

Weatherproof Your Appliances

Speaking of the weather and your expensive appliances, it’s important to choose products that can withstand living outdoors. Stainless steel is a very durable option that not only holds up against the elements, it is easy to clean. Items that are more susceptible to damage should each have a cover to provide an extra element of protection throughout the years.

Choose the Right Materials for your Bar Top

Natural stone is the way to go when designing an outdoor bar top. Granite, soapstone, and Bluestone are attractive options that can withstand years of use in the kitchen. It’s an area that your friends and family can gather to prepare food, eat, or relax together enjoying a few drinks. Take advantage of the opportunity to make this heavy use area an attractive and unique focal point.

Forget the days of staying inside simply because the weather is unsuitable for cooking out. An exceptional outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring entertaining family and friends to the next level. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to provide expert advice and recommendations for your project as soon as you fill out our contact form.

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5 Ideas For Your Summer Bathroom Remodel

5 Ideas For Your Summer Bathroom Remodel

The condition of a bathroom is far more noticeable to a visitor than the actual size of the space. No one wants to freshen up in an outdated or dirty bathroom that has obviously been neglected for years. Transform your space with a few smart updates to make it feel more hospitable, clean, and luxurious.

Improve the Lighting

Improve the LightingConsidering that most bathrooms do not have more than a single window, adding a skylight is a great way to make the room feel much larger. Any natural light is a smart idea in a remodel because it eliminates the feeling of being in a small, dark space. The brighter bathroom is going to seem more inviting and clean.

Increase the Storage

It’s normal to have a lot of small cosmetics, cleaners, and personal products that need to be organized in a designated spot. Storage is a great way to get rid of the obvious clutter and make the bathroom more functional. A large vanity cabinet and storage solutions hidden beneath the sink are easy ways to make great use of limited space.

Hide the Toilet

Hide the ToiletAlthough at least one toilet is a necessity in every home, there is no reason it has to become the focal point of the room it’s in. If there is an opportunity to conceal it with a pocket door or partial wall, it will shift attention to the rest of the bathroom. Homeowners may find that this simple change creates more space for increasing the size of the vanity or sink.


Be Bold

Every room should have some element of contrast to create a focal point. The tile, walls, and decor do not have to match perfectly, in fact, it is recommended to break up the room with an interesting tile pattern or dark cabinets. Keep the majority of the room sleek and clean, and then add a striking element that makes the room feel more interesting.

Add Natural Stone

Add Natural StoneMarble and travertine are attractive cuts of natural stone that do not hit the high points on the price spectrum. A gorgeous countertop, tile, or tub surrounding can make a bathroom feel completely luxurious. If cost is a concern, consider a sink backsplash or other small natural stone addition over an entire slab countertop.

Take a moment to provide your details through our contact form so that we can schedule a consultation. We look forward to finding transformation solutions your space that meet your style and budget goals.

The Perfect Small Kitchen

The Perfect Small Kitchen

There is no rule that a small kitchen cannot be as functional and stylish of a larger room. Using a smart strategy to make the best use of every available square inch can make the kitchen seem larger and more inviting. Use the following tips as necessary to achieve the best small kitchen layout.

Begin With Your Work Triangle
Begin With Your Work Triangle

Begin With Your Work Triangle

The sink, cooktop, and refrigerator are the most necessary features of every small kitchen makeover. They flow best in a concept of the three triangle points, with a minimum of 4 feet in between each area. This rule helps to ensure that there are no complications down the road with opening the dishwasher or refrigerator simultaneously.

Maximize The Counter Space

Ideally, there should be 18 inches of countertop space on one side of the sink, and 24 inches on the other. The cooktop should have at least 12 inches on each side, with additional space behind if it is situated in an island. A traditional refrigerator should have 15 inches of space on the handle side, or to any side of a side-by-side model. Counter space near the refrigerator is not a priority if there is inadequate space to open the appliance door.

Consider Traffic Flow
Consider Traffic Flow

Consider Traffic Flow

Kitchens that typically only have a single cook need 36 inches of space between the work areas. Increase up to 48 inches if there are multiple cooks and the space permits the open area. Doors should not swing into the empty work space, and it is best to eliminate as many doors as possible to conserve wall space.

Eliminate The Overhead Cabinets

A small kitchen can feel more closed in with large cabinets crowding the space. Open up the area by taking down the traditional cabinets and replacing with pot racks, spice holders, and other alternative storage options. The great thing about a small kitchen is that the slightest remodel can make of seem more spacious.

Slimmer Appliances
Slimmer Appliances

Slimmer Appliances

Replace any big appliances with smaller versions anytime there is an opportunity. Dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators come in smaller widths to accommodate the needs of a small kitchen.

Choose Upgraded Fixtures And Materials

Upgrading a large kitchen is going to logically entail more cost for the materials and fixtures. A small kitchen space makes otherwise expensive natural stone countertops and high-end hardware more affordable. Make the best use of minimal space by upgrading in ways that reflect personal style, without worrying about exceeding the budget.

We look forward to scheduling an appointment to provide assistance designing your small kitchen as soon as you give us a call. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What Color Schemes Go Well With Travertine Counters?

What Color Schemes Go Well With Travertine Counters?

The white and off-white varieties of travertine countertops make it an easy neutral countertop that is easy to match. It is a type of limestone that is often used instead of marble because it is a less expensive building material. Travertine goes great with almost any color and shade that suits the personal taste of the homeowner.

Consider these hues to breathe life into a blah space.

Light Color Schemes

A bathroom that features travertine and a light color scheme puts an emphasis on cleanliness. It naturally reflects the brightness of a white wall or marble floor for a brilliant radiance. Pastel shades of yellow or pink add a striking accent of color to break up the monotony of a single tone. If you prefer to have a warm, inviting feeling in the room, a shade of sand or cantaloupe are complementary additions. Bring out a distinctive coolness to match the stone with Benjamin Moore‘s Crystal Springs #764 or Highland Breeze #786 trim.

Crystal Springs

Highland Breeze

Dark Color Schemes

Pairing such as light stone with dark colors is an attractive contrast. Although most do not go as drastic as black, it does create a feel of high-end design. If you are looking to create a rich look in the kitchen, medium blues are a choice that is visually striking without being overbearing. Warm, darker reds that pair exceptionally are Benjamin Moore’s Crimson (#1299) or Merlot (#2006-10).



Neutral Color Schemes

The easiest pairing to make with travertine is various neutral shades, although they are typically underused. If you want to avoid adding an overwhelming color to any room, neutral colors are the best way to stay away from plain white. Travertine pairs well with warm browns, such as Benjamin Moore’s Ancient Oak (#940), Oakwood Manor (#1095), or Tavern Ochre (#CW-375). A small accent area of green or yellow adds a touch of uniqueness to an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Ancient Oak

Oakwood Manor

Tavern Ochre

Call us if you would like to take a look at our collection of natural stone options in the showroom. We would be happy to help you add travertine counters to your home, and also provide recommendations of great matching colors that suit your personal style.