Don’t Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

Don't Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

The exciting process of remodeling a bathroom comes with the great responsibility to make the smartest decisions. Every homeowner should focus on achieving an efficient, functional space that has a great design. Regardless of the available space, every aspect should be carefully planned before any work should begin. Identifying the following common home improvement mistakes will help guide the process while avoiding any poor decisions along the way.

Keeping the Bathroom Layout

The best thing about a full remodel is that there is freedom to rearrange the existing layout of the bathroom. Don’t feel limited to the room design as decided by a previous occupant simply because it seems to work. All of the inconveniently placed fixtures can be moved as simply as changing the plumbing layout as needed.

Eliminating Natural Light

It might not seem necessary to have a window in such a private room, but natural light is great in any space. Not only does it conserve energy during the day, the quality of light will make the space seem more open. Make use of a glass block window, stained glass, or the addition of a skylight to bring in natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Add Natural Light
Invite the Natural Light!

No Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage in a bathroom because it is vital to hide the clutter of cosmetics and toiletries. Plan ahead to increase storage space with additional shelves, a vanity, medicine cabinet, closets, and organizers to add function in a way that flows with the room style.

Being Selfish

Unless the plan is to live solo forever, the bathroom is one area that needs to comfortably accommodate two people at the same time. If there is extra space, consider a design that incorporates two sinks, or at least some additional countertop surface.

Incorporate Double Sinks
Incorporate Double Sinks

Thinking Bigger is Better

Efficiency is the most important thing when it comes to designing a bathroom. A big bathroom is not necessarily going to be the best thing if it does not suit the needs of occupants. All of the focus should be on achieving a great design that is functional.

It’s possible to make the most of your bathroom space and achieve the room of your dreams with the help of our design experts. Fill out the contact form so that we can set up a personal consultation to discuss makeover plans and designs.

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