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Commercial Countertops

Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

Are you wanting to upgrade the look of your commercial space? It might be time to think about adding a beautiful countertop to your kitchen and bathroom areas. If you run a business, you know that those places can wear down quickly. For that reason, you need to choose a material that can handle your customers’ needs. With our luxurious options, you will enjoy a commercial-grade countertop that can keep up with your business and customers.

If you want to improve your commercial spaces, talk to the experienced design team at Flemington Granite.

Commercial Kitchen Counter

For those business owners who run a commercial kitchen, cafeteria, or other dining space, you know that countertops take plenty of abuse throughout the day. You need material that can hold up to all that tough work. These counters must be more stable than their counterparts found in a typical residential home.

Many restaurant owners choose a material that looks magnificent and offers plenty of durable features. Your chefs and cooks are creating hundreds of dishes throughout the day, and your countertop has to deal with freezing temperatures from frozen foods, heating from the appliances, weight loads from heavy equipment, scratches from knives, and those everyday bumps and bangs from pans.

Along with that, a countertop will probably see its share of hot liquids and sauces spilled on the surface. All these elements can lead to damaged countertop surfaces. However, with a luxurious countertop material, it can handle all that wear and still remain in excellent condition.

With that in mind, you will want to select a countertop material that withstands all that wear and tear. What are some of your options?


This is one of the top choices for many restaurant owners. When you order a commercial granite countertop, you are upgrading the appearance of your space. These materials combine the beauty of a stone and provide your kitchen space with some strength. In addition to that, granite is a long-lasting material that can withstand all those abuses from the kitchen staff. No matter your kitchen’s design and aesthetics, you will find a granite countertop that looks great in that space. 

Popular Natural Stones we carry:

The Benefits of Natural Stone for Kitchen Remodeling


Another great commercial countertop option is quartz. With this choice, it is all about customization and versatility. You can find this material in a large variety of colors, and it can be shaped or cut to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen or building a new one, this material might be the right option when you want to create a personalized commercial space. Commercial quartz countertops make exceptional selections.

Popular Quartz Manufacturers:

When you need a new commercial countertop for your kitchen space, these are some of the materials that can make that area shine. However, there are plenty of other options on the market, such as natural or artificial stones. 

 When you need to find the right countertop, make sure to reach out to the team at Flemington Granite. We can help you find exactly what you need for those commercial kitchen countertops.

Commercial Bathroom Countertops

You might not think about it, but your commercial bathroom says a lot about your business. These spaces should be well-maintained, functional, and look great. Unlike those residential spaces, a commercial bathroom will see plenty of people throughout the day. You want something that is easily cleaned but still retains its beauty.

Whether you own a retail store, commercial complex, or restaurant, your bathroom is an opportunity to boost your brand’s personality. 

This space might be the most frequented room in the building, and when it has a cutting-edge style and modern amenities, it will be well-appreciated by guests. Along with that, these beautiful spaces often have a positive impact on your customers’ experience.

For that reason, you want to design a commercial space that serves that necessary function with style. You could just add plain and simple countertops, but those materials just don’t have the “wow” factor of a granite or quartz countertop.

The bathroom is another space that often takes a lot of abuse. These countertops can become chipped, scratched, or damaged if you don’t find a heavy-duty material. With that, a damaged countertop doesn’t present the best image for your business. Our counters are durable and hold up to a variety of conditions.

With our services, we can help you choose and design the ideal countertop for your commercial kitchen and bathroom spaces. We have a wide selection of materials to make a stunning impression on your customers.

Let Us Help With Your Next Commercial Project

At Flemington Granite, we adhere to a high standard of integrity. With top-level experience, we strive to provide you with exceptional customer service and quality products. From design to installation, all the work is completed by our qualified team. You can be assured that we are committed to craftsmanship that will exceed all of your expectations. If you would like a consultation for your commercial kitchen or bathroom countertops, please call at 908-782-7773.

Customer Reviews

Promises were made and kept, Schedules were made and kept, Questions were asked and answered. Quality and workmanship were excellent! I am a happy customer!


Glen Trenton, NJ

Adam was great! My wife and I appreciated that there was no pressure to purchase right away and all of our questions about the stone/granite were fully answered.


Robert Flemington, NJ

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed Cliff helping us the first time we came in to pick out a slab. Thank you for everything, our kitchen looks great! 100% better than before

Erin Stewartsville, NJ

I have made 3 purchases from your company and have been VERY satisfied with all aspects of the process from ordering, selection & installation.  I was especially pleased that your company corrected an error with out being asked!

Karen Flemington

I will say that Flemington gave me the most help, patience and confidence, that I would be more then satisfied and I am beyond satisfied. Thank you.

John Edison, NJ
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