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If you are looking for a durable countertop material, consider Dekton. This manufactured material is low maintenance and long-lasting, taking the toughness of quartz to another level. Along with bath and kitchen countertops, Dekton can be used for cladding and other outdoor uses. When it comes time to renovate your countertops, make sure to select Dekton.

What Is Dekton?

Dekton is produced by Cosentino. This sintered stone is also called an “ultra-compact surface” in the countertop industry. Dekton is much more compact than other materials, making it an exceptional option for those who want a sleeker profile for their countertops. That low profile is one of Dekton’s best selling points.

What is Dekton made of? This material uses a proprietary glass, quartz stone, and porcelain blend.

Dekton is created in a fabrication process with “sintered particle technology.” This process involves mixing raw materials under extreme heat and pressure, making the slab material compact and dense. As a result, this countertop is easy to maintain and almost indestructible. Dekton improves on the popularity of quartz by adding more durability into the mix.

Dekton Colors

Dekton is available in a range of colors, including several unique collections. This material features a matte sheen. It is a great look that you can combine with a high-gloss backsplash or cabinet. Its matte finish is non-reflective, and it will not cause a glare from the kitchen or bathroom lighting. When you want a luxurious and natural appearance like concrete, Dekton can handle the job.

Dekton offers colors in textured, ribbed, or flat surface patterns. These patterns are unique. For example, the textured colors have a similar look to a leather finish and add a touch of sophistication to any space. Many of these options will look fantastic in any residential or commercial setting.

The Natural Collection takes its inspiration from unique natural stones, providing a great option for Scandinavian styles and classic designs. This collection features many dark tones, especially Bromo and Kelya selections.

With the Industrial Collection, you will find urban styles inspired by metal and stone imperfections. This collection has many smooth and neutral colors, such as the Luna and Kreta. If you want a countertop with a few nuances, choose the Radium or Trillium.

These Dekton colors are available in five thicknesses: 4, 8, 12, 20, and 30 millimeters. In addition to that, Dekton slabs come in a large format. The 3200×1440 millimeter slabs are perfect for visual continuity, requiring minimal jointing.

Benefits Of Dekton

Dekton is a fireproof material. Whether you want to sear scallops or torch your creme brulee, you


can work right on the countertop. In addition to that, there is no problem if you need to set down a hot skillet or pan on the counter. Dekton will not experience any damage to the structure or surface of the countertop. You cannot say that about other types of natural stones.

Stains are not a problem for Dekton. Since it is non-porous, this counter material is impervious to liquids. That means that light colors will not show any staining on the surface. Dekton does not need to be sealed for stain resistance, putting it in a class over stone, concrete, and quartzite.

When you use knives and appliances on your countertop, it is not an issue for Dekton. This material is almost impossible to scratch. You can cut on the countertop without worrying about damage. Even those rough-bottom pans will not cause scuffs or chips to the surface of a Dekton countertop.

Unlike other types of conventional countertops, Dekton is known for its UV resistance, making it an excellent choice for any outdoor space. Consider using this material for your countertops if you have an outdoor kitchen.

Care And Maintenance

Dekton is an ideal material for most types of surfaces. Since it has minimal porosity, it is resistant to stains, providing you with an easy-to-clean material. Just wipe down the surface with a clean cloth, and you are ready to go.

Great Option For Most Applications

Use Dekton in a variety of applications throughout the home. In the kitchen, Dekton can hold up to the hard jobs. You can place pans on the surface or even cut vegetables for a meal. In the bathroom, Dekton is durable, and it can resist high temperatures and humidity from showers and baths.

Outdoor spaces are the perfect locations for Dekton. It will be able to withstand the elements, including high heat, rain, and even intense UV rays. Finally, you will want to use this material as cladding. The large format is an excellent choice for an innovative look to your exterior or interior walls.

Who Sells Dekton Countertops?

Dekton is a popular choice for many homes. If you are interested in this material, call Flemington Granite at 908-782-7773 to schedule a consultation for your project.

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