What’s the Best Type of Flooring for a Bathroom?

One of the first decisions you should make when you are planning to renovate your bathroom is what type of flooring you should choose. No matter the time of the year, a bathroom remodeling project can help to transform your home as one of the most-used rooms in the house.

Choosing the right flooring requires that you plan ahead. While there are multiple available flooring options, some work much better for bathrooms than do others. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you are trying to decide which flooring to install in your bathroom.

Avoid solid wood flooring or carpet

There are some obvious flooring choices to avoid in your bathroom, among the carpet and solid wood. Bathrooms by their nature have a lot of moisture. Carpet soaks moisture up, leading to potential problems with mold and other issues. Likewise, tongue-and-groove or parquet wood flooring can easily become damaged and warp when they are exposed to moisture and water. Both should thus be avoided.

If you love the look of wood, think instead about engineered wood varieties over laminate flooring. Engineered wood flooring has better water resistance because of its sturdier plywood base. You should still not use this if there is a lot of water exposure, however, but if you really want the look of wood, it’s better than the other options.

One budget-conscious choice is sheet vinyl or vinyl tile flooring. One thing to consider is that vinyl tile squares will have seams through which water will be able to penetrate, potentially causing damage. Sheet vinyl has a minimal number of seams and will be better over the long term if you are thinking about vinyl flooring as your option.

Think about tile

Tile is the classic choice for bathrooms. You can choose from a variety of options, including ceramic and a number of different natural stone materials. If you choose natural stone tiles such as travertine, marble or granite, you’ll want to make certain they are professionally sealed as they are porous. Sealing helps to improve their water resistance.

People who want the feel and look of natural stone but who are budget conscious may want to consider porcelain tile as an option. Porcelain is water-resistant and prevents moisture from penetrating.

Make sure to choose grout lines that are tight

High-moisture areas like bathroom features such as your shower or the area surrounding your tub work best when you use grout lines that are tight. Even sealed grout will eventually start letting moisture seep in, undermining the ability of the mortar to hold to the underlying concrete board. In addition to tight grout lines, choosing a grout that has additives that work to improve the grout’s ability to resist moisture penetration is smart.

People who love the look of wood but who don’t want to risk the potential water damage may also want to find out about designs that provide the look of wood flooring without the issues that come with it. There are certain tile designs that can be used to accomplish this.

It is important for you to make certain you think about both your budget as well as the design, look and functionality of your bathroom flooring. For your own project, you’ll want to speak with professional designers to learn more about the best type of flooring you should consider. Give our professional team a call today to learn more about what will work best for your bathroom.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

When you’ve had a long work week, heading to a spa can provide your mind and body with an unparalleled feeling of relaxation. When it gets colder outside, however, most people don’t want to go out any more than they have to, instead preferring to stay in where it’s warm. No matter what the weather might be outside, you can create your own personal sanctuary inside of your home by transforming your bathroom into your personal spa. In order to do so, you’ll need to simply add a few extra details to lend the type of atmosphere you find in spas. It is not necessary to have a sauna or a Jacuzzi or even a large bathroom. It’s the small details that can give the room a soothing appeal by incorporating input geared towards your senses.

Appeal to your sense of sight

The first impression you have when you enter a bathroom is its visual appeal. This makes the visual elements key for creating an initial spa-like impression. You’ll notice that many spas take a minimalist approach, allowing the simplicity of the decor to open the room and allow serenity. Here are some ways you can give your own bathroom that comfortable spa-like appeal:

● Choose Earth tones for your color scheme

Most people head out into nature to enjoy the scenery and beauty. You can bring that sense of nature into your bathroom by choosing Earth tones for your room’s color scheme. Muted greens, grays and browns can all lend a natural feel. If your bathroom is small, choose shades that are lighter so it doesn’t feel cramped, such as light beige, pale green or a mist-like gray.

● Install dimmable bathroom lights

Nothing can lend a sense of romance to your bath than installing dimmable lights in wall scones or recessed ceiling lights. This helps you to get a soft glow when you just want to relax. Since this type of installation requires a high degree of electrical knowledge, it is important that you get the help of a professional.

● Add faux wood floor tiles for an added feeling of warmth

Wood provides the natural ambiance of outdoors, but it is not a good material to use in moist areas. Faux wood tile made out of porcelain or ceramic tile has the natural textural appearance of wood with a much better resistance to water.

● Rid your counters of old toiletries and clutter

Cluttered rooms make people feel stressed. Consequently, spas keep their toiletries stashed out of the way and orderly. With small bathrooms, it may be impossible to hide all of your toiletries. You can still toss old, outdated ones as well as those that you do not use. This can help clear out space in your vanity for some of the toiletries cluttering your countertop. For those that you use a lot, try storing them in glass jars. This can make them look like just another piece of your room’s decor.

Appeal to your sense of touch

Hydrotherapeutic facilities at your preferred spas are obviously expensive. You can still add the following amenities to give yourself that sensual feel:

● Trade in your old tub with a soaking tub that is small and deep

There are many tubs available on the market that have a length of five feet or less but are deep enough for you to enjoy a good soak. Consider a Japanese soaking tub. They are a lot deeper than are other smaller tubs and let you submerge your entire body. Many of these also are equipped with built-in seats for added relaxation while you soak.

Trade in your shower head for a massaging one

If your bathroom is small enough that a soaking tub is not an option, consider trading in your old shower head for one that is massaging. This can give you with that relaxation you want. If you need to do so, get rid of your existing bathtub entirely and upgrade your shower.

● Add towel warmers

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a warm and relaxing shower or bath and wrapping up with a heated towel. Towel warmers are available and have become very popular in current bathroom renovation trends. These mount to your walls so they don’t take up too much room as well.

Appeal to your sense of smell

One of the first things you probably notice when you head to your favorite spa is the wonderful smells inside. Aromatherapy has been shown to improve people’s moods and overall health. In the morning, you might be able to heighten your senses better with peppermint scents. At night,jasmine and lavender can help relax the cares of the day away. Scents can be added through your personal care products as well as through adding diffusers or scented candles. If you tend to be forgetful, choose oil diffusers over candles as they are safer.

Appeal to your sense of sound

Try to avoid wall-mounted televisions in your bathroom as they do not lend to a feeling of tranquility. Instead, think more about using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to pipe in your favorite meditative music.

Appeal to your sense of taste

While thinking about taste while bathing may sound odd, consider enjoying a long, relaxing soak while also sipping your favorite wine or champagne. When you use a tub tray, you can do just that. Tub trays are available at most home improvement stores.

It is not difficult to transform your bathroom into your personal at-home spa retreat. By incorporating your senses and paying attention to the small details, you can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary you can enjoy over and over again.

Design Ideas For Your Floor Plan

Design Ideas For Your Floor Plan

Homes may have open or closed floor plans. Many newer homes have open plans, combining the living, dining and kitchen areas into one large space. The idea is that this provides needed additional space in the kitchen area while also allowing you to have more room to entertain your guests. If you have an open floor plan, there are a number of different ways to break down the separate areas to increase the room’s eye appeal and to clearly divide each area into its separate use.

Many older homes have closed floor plans with rooms separated by walls. The challenge with these types of plans is feeling cramped or closed in. There are some design ideas that you can incorporate to make your existing space feel airier if your home’s floor plan is a closed one.

Ideas for homes with open floor plans

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If you feel like how your floor plan is set up isn’t working for you, you can start by thinking about the areas that can be rearranged in a different way. Consider walls that are not needed for supports. Having fewer walls on your main level, in the basement or in the attic may benefit your home.

To create visual interest for a great room, think about adding windows or skylights to take advantage of the beauty of natural light. Using contrasting dark floors and light-colored walls may help to make the room feel airier. Other ideas that you might want to include any of the following:

● Try using the main level of your home as a single space or great room if it is possible.

● There is no need to close off and separate your living room from your dining area and kitchen

● In order to add bedrooms, offices or other needed rooms, you may be able to add walls in your finished basement or attic space to create the needed rooms.

● If you have an open floor plan and need an extra bathroom, you can simply borrow some of the space from it to do so. It is best if the chosen space for it is next to your home’s plumbing.

Ideas for homes with closed floor plans

When you want to remodel your home that has a closed floor plan, you’ll be working with rearranging your rooms. You can start by walking through your home, thinking about different things you might do. This can give you some ideas that you can use. Here are some steps you can take:

● Write down all of the changes you would enjoy making and then list them by order of priority.

● In each individual room, note such features as natural sources of light, how it is currently used, where it is located in your home and what rooms are next to it.

● Think about whether a particular room might be combined with an adjacent one to make your home better.

● Bathrooms might be expanded by using the space of a room that is not used often or an unneeded closet that is adjacent to the bathroom.

● Two small bedrooms may be combined to make one spacious bedroom.

● You can finish a garage in order to transform it into an entertainment room or a master bedroom.

Ideas for homes with extremely limited space

If your home is very small, your creativity will be very important. You might want to start by looking outside to see if an outdoor space can be turned into an indoor space. Here are some ideas you might want to consider for your smaller home:

● When you finish a deck or patio and turn it into added room for your home, it may give you the added space to the room it adjoins that you want.

● If you are converting a patio, you will not need to worry about adding a foundation to it as it already has one.

● Combining sunrooms with rooms that are adjacent to them can make your home feel larger by adding a lot of natural light.

● If you have a flat roof, you may want to turn it into an open or closed deck area or add a garden to take advantage of all of your available spaces.

● You may need nothing more than a better organizational scheme, adding extra shelving and drawers wherever you can fit them.

No matter what your home’s floor plan might be, there are things you can do to make the best possible use of your space. To get some design ideas that are individualized for your home’s features, call our professional team of designers today to schedule your consultation.

4 Ways Flemington Granite Can Revitalize Your Home

4 Ways Flemington Granite Can Revitalize Your Home (1)

Your home should feel like your personal sanctuary, rather than some dated space that leaves you feeling as drab as your surroundings. Many of us bought homes that had features, that while popular at the time, are now so old, they make our homes scream that they come from another time.

Rather than just settling for the tired carpet, linoleum flooring, dated backsplashes and discolored wooden decks, there are several home remodeling ideas that can be done to help make all of our homes classic and timeless.

Bathroom Remodeling


Nothing can bring out the beauty of your bathroom than choosing a lovely natural stone to give a sense of tranquility. Classic marble used on the floors and countertops can make the room shine beautifully. Granite can be used as well, coming in a variety of different colors, for a rich and inspiring appearance.

Travertine countertops and floors can provide that coolness that you want. No matter the design preferences you might have, choosing one of these natural stones as the base to work around can transform your bathroom.

To see how these different natural stones can work in your bathroom, make certain to look at our bathroom visualizer, which allows you to try different stones and colors to see what you like the best.

Livingroom Remodeling


Besides pulling out and replacing tired carpet, flooring and fixtures, nothing can transform a living room more than refacing your fireplace with natural stone. Doing so can make your fireplace into the focal point of the room, helping to draw your eyes to its beauty.

To see how different types of natural stones might look for your fireplace, you can use our stacked stone visualizer to get an idea.

Outdoor Living


Instead of replacing or varnishing the wood on your deck, try thinking about replacing it entirely with a beautiful natural-stone patio. Natural stone can be used to build a wonderful outdoor entertainment space that will blend in with the surrounding foliage.

You can build an outdoor kitchen out of natural stone for entertaining your guests. Adding touches such as beautiful fountains, columns, outdoor living patio furniture and other things can make your backyard a true place to which you can escape.

Modern Kitchen Remodeling


Either stone or engineered stone are great choices for your kitchen remodeling project. While granite is a beautiful and classic choice for floors, countertops and backsplashes, engineered stone is also terrific.

Manufactured from ground quartz that is combined with resin and pigment, engineered stone offers the same beauty as natural stone products but does not need to be resealed, is highly resistant to staining and comes in a wide range of colors.

  • Caesarstone requires no sealing and can stand up to the most vigorous of uses.
  • Pental quartz lends the same beautiful appeal as natural stone and comes in a variety of different colors, textures and levels of shine.
  • Silestone is a terrific choice for walls, backsplashes and countertops because it is engineered to be bacteria-resistant.
  • Cambria is a beautiful choice, coming in a variety of different colors and offering all that natural stone has to offer. Cambria also is highly durable and is able to stand up to almost anything. To see what the different choices might look like, you can use our kitchen visualizer.

No matter the size of your home renovation project, our team of professional designers are ready and able to help you to make your dream a reality.

We invite you to stop by our show room today to see some of what we have to offer. You can also call to schedule your appointment or simply fill in your contact information in the provided form and we will get back with you shortly.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Keep Seniors Safer

Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Keep Seniors Safe

Noticing that our parents are getting older is never easy, especially when there are obvious safety concerns. They may wish to maintain their independence by living alone, yet it’s our basic instinct to want to protect the ones that we love.

A few home modifications will increase their safety and ease any difficulties they have with daily challenges. The bathroom is a small, yet hazardous, room that should be considered one of the first places to remodel for your loved one. A few of our recommended safety features will go a long way in preventing unnecessary accidents in the bathroom.

Add Handrails

The simple addition of grab bars in the shower, tub, and neat the toilet help your loved one avoid accidents. Safety railings assist in raising from a lowered position with a sturdy handle to use for leverage.

Safer Flooring for Seniors

A bit of texture to the flooring of a shower, tub, or bathroom floor is going to help avoid slips. Without any traction on a smooth floor, there is a major risk of falling if there is any soap or water on the surface.

Higher Features

Raising the standard toilet a few inches decreases the amount of lowering necessary to sit, and it also makes it easier to get back into a standing position. Another consideration is the height of the vanity that might cause stooping or leaning over the sink to get a good view.

Increase Lighting

Vision is going to decrease over time, so brighten up the bathroom with additional lights. It may be as simple as switching to brighter bulbs, but you could also add new fixtures in the dimmer areas of the room. Rocker switches are also great for improving the ease of turning on and off compared to traditional switches.

Lower Shower Threshold

Stepping into the average 16-inch high bathtub is a major task for an older person. A simple modification to lower this measurement to 6-inches is going to create a world of difference. It is still high enough to keep water confined, but it eliminates the need to take a high step. You may also consider adding a bench or seat inside the shower if the space permits a place to rest while cleaning up.

Our modification ideas should give you a great place to begin improving bathroom safety for your elderly loved ones. We are available to guide you through the necessary upgrades in your bathroom renovation to give you peace of mind.

Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

A luxurious, small bathroom can be just as valuable and inviting as a larger bathroom. It’s pretty common for homes to feature small bathrooms, so we have come up with many great bathrooms designs that you can easily implement. Smart design elements and high-end materials are sure to make you forget all about any size concerns you may have.

Create a Bathroom Retreat

A small bathroom does not have to be cramped and cluttered. Implementing natural stone, bright tile, and peaceful colors throughout the room will make it feel more relaxing. A bright room is going to feel more open and clean, especially if you use the natural light of a skylight or high window.

Work with Neutrals

It might seem boring to use neutrals in other rooms, but the bathroom is the ideal setting for pastels and lighter shades. This gives the illusion of more space and natural sophistication. Consider bright marble countertops that will match any color touches that you choose for the rest of the room.

Splurge on Luxurious Flooring

Moderate room size provides the opportunity to purchase flooring and backsplash materials. It’s more difficult to afford upgrades in a large bathroom because there are so many square feet to cover. Invest in a backsplash or elegant flooring that you wouldn’t normally consider suitable for your budget.

Add Colors to Storage Features

Too much blank or neutral space is easy to break up with the addition of colorful features. Take advantage of the area above the toilet or a blank wall by adding colorful cabinets for additional storage. Spruce up your vanity or old drawers with fun paint colors or adhesive tape.

Add Natural Light, Mirrors, and Glass

Reflective surfaces partnered with natural light is always a great idea for the bathroom. If there’s no room to add another window, hang a few mirrors to create a similar feature. Also, replace the basic shower curtain with a glass door to make the space appear more open.

Install a Pocket Door

The standard swinging door is taking up unnecessary space that you could be using. A pocket door slides into the wall when not used so it’s completely out of the way. You’ll still have the same level of privacy without all of the waste.

Save Space with a Pedestal Sink

A spacious sink with storage underneath is a bit bulky, especially in a small room. The pedestal sink is a very attractive alternative that takes up very little space. Add simple skirting to hide the ugly hardware and make the entire sink more stylish.

There are a lot of great ideas that will help you achieve greater satisfaction with your bathroom, no matter how small the space. Call to set up a visit so that we can get a look at your space and help you discover the upgrade potential.

What are the latest styles in commercial restrooms?

What are the latest styles in commercial restrooms?

There are people with actual phobias of public restrooms because they have a reputation of being unsanitary and ugly. Consider the ambiance of the bathroom in your business to recognize the need to complete some important updates. It should be easy to find solutions that will make employees and customers feel comfortable and safe. You may decide that a few small updates are sufficient, or it might require an entire remodel to achieve your ideal modern design.

Touch Free Fixtures

Think about how many restaurants you avoid simply because they have a disgusting restroom. No one wants to feel that they are being exposed to filth and bacteria that could potentially cause a serious illness. The usual culprits are contaminated toilet seats and floors, but your greatest risk of exposure is actually during the process of hand washing. A total of 19 different bacterial phyla were identified by University of Colorado scientists collecting samples from public restroom surfaces. It’s not even safe to touch the exterior of a soap dispenser because it’s being contaminated regularly throughout each day.

Commercial restrooms are implementing touch-free soap dispensers, flushing mechanisms, hand dryers, and faucets to help visitors avoid contact with germs. It’s also easier for facility owners to maintain cleanliness with these innovative features.

Sustainable Materials

Public restroom products are put to the test each day by enduring frequent use during business hours. Manufacturers are beginning to recognize the value of using sustainable materials to improve the overall lifespan of their products. Engineered stone used as countertop surfaces is created from recycled materials to ensure a more durable final product. In fact, most recycled and renewable materials are suitable for heavy usage in an environment that is often damp or humid. High Density Polyethylene plastic is another recycled product found in most modern commercial restrooms.

Luxurious Design

Visitors are more likely to visit an establishment that offers a sophisticated and updated restroom. Stainless steel, granite, and other stone products are becoming trendy because they offer exceptional bacteria resistance and cleanliness. It’s easy to sanitize natural stone flooring, especially if you compare it to the grimy reputation of traditional laminate. Granite countertops are sleek, non-porous, and have the ability to make every business feel like a high-end establishment.

Get in touch with our team of designers by completing the contact form to find out about our commercial restroom solutions and products that we offer.

4 Free Tools You Must Try Before You Remodel

4 Free Tools You Must Try Before You Remodel

Although remodeling can be an exciting time for any homeowner, it can also be very stressful. There are so many decisions that must be made, including the colors and textures you want in the new room. Do you want natural stone surrounding your fireplace? Will granite counters be feasible for me to use? Do I need a backsplash? All of these are questions that can be difficult when you are unable to see the vision before you begin. However, by using these free tools, you can get a better idea of how the room will look once the remodel is complete.

Kitchen Visualizer
Click the image to try the Kitchen Visualizer

Kitchen Visualizer

Use the Kitchen Visualizer to choose from four different kitchen layouts. Click the different countertops, backsplashes and cabinet colors to see how the colors all blend together. You can even select specialty flooring to get an idea how the new floor will look in your kitchen. You can even filter the counters between natural stone and quartz to narrow down your options.Check to see if the backsplash you like works with the countertops or if quartz may be the better option.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

4 Kitchen Layouts

Natural Stone or Granite Options

146 Countertop Colors


10 Different Cabinet Colors

42 Backsplash Colors

25 Flooring Options

Bathroom Visualizer

Bathroom Visualizer
Click the image to try the Bathroom Visualizer

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, use the Bathroom Visualizer to mix and match colors so that you can get an idea how they will blend together. Choose from two different bathroom layouts and try the various options to see how they look. Try a mosaic look combined with a quartz-topped vanity or see how a solid colored base floor will look with a uniquely colored cabinet.You can try changing the quartz counter and add a different mosaic tile to see if you prefer that look. The combinations are endless.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

16 Mosaics Choices

12 Floor Colors

10 Cabinet Colors

12 Countertops

2 Bathroom Layouts

Edge Visualizer

Edge Visualizer
Click the image to try the Edge Visualizer

Choosing the right edge for a countertop can be a difficult choice as it is often difficult to know which type will look best for the room. The Edge Visualizer allows you to see two different stone selections and choose a variety of edges to see which look you like the most. Select a granite counter with a beveled edge or try a more unique edging, like the Double Ogee or the Triple Pencil.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

2 Countertops Colors


12 of the most popular Edge Profiles

Stacked Stone Visualizer

Stacked Stone Visualizer
Click the image to try the Stacked Stone Visualizer

Precision cut stacked stone panels add a luxurious feel to any room. If you want to make a statement in a room, stacked stone panels are the perfect solution. However, since they are not often found in homes, it can be difficult to determine which color will look best. Use the Stacked Stone Visualizer to determine which best fits the room you are remodeling. The visualizer provides the perfect example of how stacked stone panels can add a dramatic effect to any home.

Choose the following Visualizer Options:

2 Layout options

35 Different Colors

These free visualizers are provided to help homeowners create a unique, coordinated look for almost any room. Every design can be printed, download and even emailed to friends, family and your contractor. To learn more about creating your own unique look,  fill out our contact form. One of our helpful sales associates will provide you with answers to all your questions.