Bringing the Indoors, Out with an Outdoor Kitchen

The summer is a time for outdoor entertaining, but a customized outdoor kitchen can be enjoyed throughout the year if planned correctly. Making careful choices regarding everything from the flooring to the appliances will provide years of entertainment for friends and loved ones. Here’s what you should think about before you build your outdoor kitchen.

Include the Four Essential Spaces

Every functional kitchen should have a designated area for preparing food, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Start planning with these essentials and make sure that there is adequate space to work in each area without being crowded. The more work that can be done outside means less time running back inside the house.

Add a Roof Structure

Add a Roof StructureAn outdoor space that you plan to spend any time enjoying should be protected with a roof structure. No one wants to cancel plans because of unexpected rain, and with a canopy overhead, you don’t have to. It also minimizes the amount of damage the sun and rain will gradually cause to the appliances and furniture. You don’t have to create a complete enclosure as long as you can provide a comfortable cooking and dining area that is out of the direct weather.

Install Durable Cabinets and Walking Surfaces

There is no sense in cutting corners when designing a luxurious outdoor kitchen if you want it to last. Walking surfaces need to be treated for weather protection and sturdy enough to handle the weight of the kitchen and multiple guests. If you want to go with a raised platform, wood or composite decking is a great place to start. Slate and travertine stone pavers are options that add slip-resistance, or deck tiles over concrete add an aesthetic advantage. Choose a walking surface that is pleasing to your personal taste but also serves the need for sturdiness and durability.

Normal cabinets that are built for indoor use are susceptible to damage when exposed to cold temperatures and rain. Always go with cabinet solutions that are designed specifically for outdoor applications.

Weatherproof Your Appliances

Speaking of the weather and your expensive appliances, it’s important to choose products that can withstand living outdoors. Stainless steel is a very durable option that not only holds up against the elements, it is easy to clean. Items that are more susceptible to damage should each have a cover to provide an extra element of protection throughout the years.

Choose the Right Materials for your Bar Top

Natural stone is the way to go when designing an outdoor bar top. Granite, soapstone, and Bluestone are attractive options that can withstand years of use in the kitchen. It’s an area that your friends and family can gather to prepare food, eat, or relax together enjoying a few drinks. Take advantage of the opportunity to make this heavy use area an attractive and unique focal point.

Forget the days of staying inside simply because the weather is unsuitable for cooking out. An exceptional outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring entertaining family and friends to the next level. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to provide expert advice and recommendations for your project as soon as you fill out our contact form.

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