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Add a modern & classy touch to your home

If you want a luxury lifestyle brand, choose Porcelanosa. This company offers a wide selection of options that will work with modern kitchen cabinets and bathroom designs. With that, you will transform your home into both a functional and stylish space. You can customize everything from countertops to cabinets that will fit the exact measurement of your room. Plus, there are many finishes to suit almost any style.

What Is Porcelana?

Porcelana is one of the signature colors from Porcelanosa. You can get this color in either a gloss or matte lacquer finish.

XTONE: Large Format Porcelain Slabs

For those who want to create an elegant, functional, and sophisticated look for their tables and countertops, consider the XTONE large format porcelain slab. This high-performance material is an exclusive selection for Porcelanosa. It is made from sintered porcelain with pure materials. The materials are compacted during manufacturing, creating a stunning, avant-garde design that easily fits into any space.

XTONE is available in the following shades:

  • Aged Clay
  • Aged Dark
  • Moon White
  • Kala White
  • Lush White
  • Porto Gray
  • Raw Smoke
  • Savage Dark
  • Ars Beige

XTONE provides your home with plenty of benefits. Compared to marble, quartz, or granite, this material performs better, with a higher level of stability. You can easily maintain the XTONE surface. Plus, it is a durable choice for almost any kitchen situation.

XTONE is one of the best options for a durable workspace. This material adds a touch of elegance to your kitchens and baths. If you are worried about the technical performance, XTONE meets all of those high demands. It is resistant to both high heat and cold temperatures. You can easily clean the surface with a damp rag and a bit of dish soap. There are no worries if you happen to drop a heavy pan on the surface with its impact-resistant materials. Stains are no match for the durability of XTONE.

XLIGHT: Ultra Thin and Light Porcelain Tile Collection

Marble has always been one of the most desirable materials for architecture and art. With technological innovations, Porcelanosa has captured the beauty of marble in its exclusive URBATEK tiles. With that, you have an exclusive range of products that you can customize for any project. The new XLIGHT Premium Collection is a standout in the product line. This collection brings the durability and resistance of URBATEK to its innovative collection.

XLIGHT Premium offers a wide assortment of tiles that you can use for residential indoor floors, indoor walls, countertops, and washbasins. Furniture, doors, and partition walls are perfect places to use XLIGHT cladding.

There are several formats of the XLIGHT Premium Collection. Use the 120×250 for walls, while the modular 120×120 is perfect for those residential indoor floors. These tile sheets are lightweight, making them easier to transport and install. This collection offers unique colors with decorative finishes and details.

XLIGHT is available in the following colors:

  • Kala White
  • Savage Dark
  • Aged Clay
  • Lush White
  • Moon White

The XLIGHT Premium Collection is available in large sheets as well. These sheets are versatile, allowing you to use them in many applications, such as counters and washbasins. Create a continuous surface by cutting the sheets to any type of size or shape, with stunning results.

Every piece in the XLIGHT Premium Collection features a different pattern of striation. With those elements, it can be used for several layout options.

The XLIGHT Premium format is both available in Nature and Polished finishes. The Polished option is a high-glass finish that will bring out the intensity of the tones, providing your room with a highly reflective appearance. The Nature finish is available in two varieties. One finish has a distinct satin appearance. It is used to highlight stone particles in the XLIGHT Premium Aged products. The matte finish is the perfect choice for those spaces that want a more reserved look to their tiled areas.

XLIGHT Porcelanosa is versatile and can be used for many applications throughout your home.

The Finest Materials and Finishes

Porcelana uses only the finest materials to create both the XTONE and XLIGHT products.

You can choose tiles from several collections, such as:

  • Code Collection – emulates colored micro-cement, creating a trendsetting finish.
  • Nox Collection – brings the metallic effects of weathered Corten steel to these porcelain sheets. The Nature finish provides a rich texture and satin appearance that highlights any pattern.
  • Concrete Collection – combines all of the benefits of a ceramic material with a concrete-like surface.
  • Basic Collection – is a monochrome collection that encompasses a wide range of colors from black and white to earth hues and brighter shades.

All of these selections keep up with the latest trends in architecture and interior design.

When you are ready to add Porcelanosa to your next renovation project, make sure to call Flemington Granite at 908-782-7773 for a consultation.

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Promises were made and kept, Schedules were made and kept, Questions were asked and answered. Quality and workmanship were excellent! I am a happy customer!


Glen Trenton, NJ

Adam was great! My wife and I appreciated that there was no pressure to purchase right away and all of our questions about the stone/granite were fully answered.


Robert Flemington, NJ

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed Cliff helping us the first time we came in to pick out a slab. Thank you for everything, our kitchen looks great! 100% better than before

Erin Stewartsville, NJ

I have made 3 purchases from your company and have been VERY satisfied with all aspects of the process from ordering, selection & installation.  I was especially pleased that your company corrected an error with out being asked!

Karen Flemington

I will say that Flemington gave me the most help, patience and confidence, that I would be more then satisfied and I am beyond satisfied. Thank you.

John Edison, NJ
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