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Your dream set in stone

It’s difficult to imagine a product that offers more advantages to a homeowner than Caesarstone engineered stone countertops. Not only does this quartz-based surface hold up with exceptional durability against wear and tear, it’s naturally resistant unsightly stains.

Caesarstone quartz countertops are very simple to maintain, even in the busiest of kitchens. Feel confident in preparing food on a surface that is easy to sanitize and completely resistant to mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Enjoy the beauty of a wide array of great looking styles without the disadvantages of a fragile natural stone.

Why Choose Caesarstone Countertops?

When it comes to an engineered product, the best results come from utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology.

Caesarstone surface styles are very diverse to give every homeowner the chance to appreciate such an exceptional and timeless investment.

It can be tough to find a countertop that is suitable for every single room, especially in the kitchen where there is a lot of activity. With a composition of 93% natural quartz reinforced with a binding resin, the surface is incredibly resistant to stains, scratches, and impact damage.

caesarstone classico countertops

Advantages Of Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

The best way to truly understand the advantages of choosing a Caesarstone countertop is to compare the features with similar products.

Granite is very popular in kitchen and bathroom applications, but it falls behind engineered quartz in many different categories. Quartz is resistant to mold and mildew, non-porous, nonabsorbent, resistance to household chemicals, and it does not scratch or crack easily.

Products like granite or marble may need to be sealed every year to achieve some of these advantages, but Caesarstone requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

The Collections

  • Classico The classic neutral tones are featured in this color collection, with plenty of variation in the overall style. Light shades, such as Calacatta Nuvo are perfect for adding brightness to the room, or a striking Vanilla Noir could provide a bold focal piece. Matte, non-glossy, and polished finish complete each of the looks in a way that is easy to match the desired decor style.
  • Movito Textured surfaces in this collection add a unique pattern to enhance the look of dark or light neutral colors. Stripes, lace, and braids are some of the daring pattern choices that are growing in popularity.
  • Concetto Luxury is the emphasis in the Concetto Collection, featuring semi-precious stones of the highest quality. The entire collection is handcrafted from individually cut stones to achieve a very unique and inspiring final product.
caesarstone movito countertops

Edge Profiles

Durability allows for more freedom in the creative process of selecting a Caesarstone countertop for the home.

Standard edges are always a classic choice, but a mitered edge can create the look of a thicker slab.

Consider an ornate Triple Egg or Ogee Bullnose step to add a little extra to the overall design.

Low Maintenance

Avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean a quartz countertop because it could cause unnecessary surface damage. There is no need for a sealant to protect the non-porous surface so maintenance is as easy as wiping down with a soft washcloth.

Warm water and a mild soap should be the only products necessary to clean and sanitize the surface.

Allow Flemington Granite the opportunity to help you choose the right Caesarstone countertop for your home. Schedule your appointment today!

Caesarstone Quartz

Caesarstone knows the secret of using natural raw quartz minerals to craft the most durable and safe countertops. They’ve been at the helm of surface innovation since 1987, driven by our design passion and cutting-edge technological power. Specializing in countertops for homes worldwide, Their commitment is to guide and assist you on your journey of creativity.

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Customer Reviews

Promises were made and kept, Schedules were made and kept, Questions were asked and answered. Quality and workmanship were excellent! I am a happy customer!


Glen Trenton, NJ

Adam was great! My wife and I appreciated that there was no pressure to purchase right away and all of our questions about the stone/granite were fully answered.


Robert Flemington, NJ

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed Cliff helping us the first time we came in to pick out a slab. Thank you for everything, our kitchen looks great! 100% better than before

Erin Stewartsville, NJ

I have made 3 purchases from your company and have been VERY satisfied with all aspects of the process from ordering, selection & installation.  I was especially pleased that your company corrected an error with out being asked!

Karen Flemington

I will say that Flemington gave me the most help, patience and confidence, that I would be more then satisfied and I am beyond satisfied. Thank you.

John Edison, NJ
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