5 Ideas For Your Summer Bathroom Remodel

The condition of a bathroom is far more noticeable to a visitor than the actual size of the space. No one wants to freshen up in an outdated or dirty bathroom that has obviously been neglected for years. Transform your space with a few smart updates to make it feel more hospitable, clean, and luxurious.

Improve the Lighting

Improve the LightingConsidering that most bathrooms do not have more than a single window, adding a skylight is a great way to make the room feel much larger. Any natural light is a smart idea in a remodel because it eliminates the feeling of being in a small, dark space. The brighter bathroom is going to seem more inviting and clean.

Increase the Storage

It’s normal to have a lot of small cosmetics, cleaners, and personal products that need to be organized in a designated spot. Storage is a great way to get rid of the obvious clutter and make the bathroom more functional. A large vanity cabinet and storage solutions hidden beneath the sink are easy ways to make great use of limited space.

Hide the Toilet

Hide the ToiletAlthough at least one toilet is a necessity in every home, there is no reason it has to become the focal point of the room it’s in. If there is an opportunity to conceal it with a pocket door or partial wall, it will shift attention to the rest of the bathroom. Homeowners may find that this simple change creates more space for increasing the size of the vanity or sink.


Be Bold

Every room should have some element of contrast to create a focal point. The tile, walls, and decor do not have to match perfectly, in fact, it is recommended to break up the room with an interesting tile pattern or dark cabinets. Keep the majority of the room sleek and clean, and then add a striking element that makes the room feel more interesting.

Add Natural Stone

Add Natural StoneMarble and travertine are attractive cuts of natural stone that do not hit the high points on the price spectrum. A gorgeous countertop, tile, or tub surrounding can make a bathroom feel completely luxurious. If cost is a concern, consider a sink backsplash or other small natural stone addition over an entire slab countertop.

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