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Add a modern & classy touch to your home

Words that embody the essence of limestone include luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated. The naturally formed, abundant stone is harvested from open quarries or extracted from special mines, making it an ideal option for home improvement projects. Neutral, earthy tones and soft hues of this popular stone option transform ordinary living spaces with charming refinement. The soft, smooth surface features very minimal surface variation to flawlessly instate a very contemporary interior concept.

What is Limestone?

Marine based sedimentary rock is formed when sand and shell particles located in an ocean or lake floor are gradually solidified. Although it is dense and smooth to the naked eye, the calcium carbonate fossil material naturally contains microscopic openings between fragments to leave a porous surface, susceptible to staining if exposed to colored liquids. Color options begin with the purest white and range to feature darker beige and grays.

The Benefits of Limestone

Any room that features the a focal point of clean, natural stone arouses the feel of lavish style. It is soft and easy to customize into diverse shapes with intricate details for use in statues, molding, backsplashes, fireplaces, and accent focal pieces. The harder options are perfect for increasing home value by upgrading to cost-effective flooring and countertops.

Types of Limestone

  • Travertine is the land-based variation that has an antique feel created by the veining characteristics and depressions. It is primarily used for in statues, carved accents, and molding because it is typically too sensitive to damage to be used in countertops.
  • Dolomitic limestone has a slight variation from normal limestone with the addition of magnesium ions in its composition. It has the advantage of low absorption and resistance to abrasion over other types of stone.

Durability of Limestone

Some types are fairly dense, but they are susceptible to scratches and etching if used without precautions, such as drink coasters and cutting boards. Large families or small children inside a home may not allow for the material to stand up long-term as a kitchen countertop. These soft types are exceptional for constructing fireplaces and use in bathrooms where there is little exposure to conditions that would create scratches or spills.

We’re here to help anytime you want to add natural stone in any of your home improvement efforts. Give us a call or stop by the showroom so that our design team can get started on your project.

Limestone Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, limestone is a beautiful and heat-resistant choice. The natural material is available in various shades from sandy beige to grayish blue. While limestone is more porous than other stone options, a penetrating sealer will keep the material’s color intact while making the surface more stain resistant. Even better, limestone slabs typically cost significantly less than marble or engineered quartz. If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, the following limestone countertops will inspire your renovation.



Promises were made and kept, Schedules were made and kept, Questions were asked and answered. Quality and workmanship were excellent! I am a happy customer!


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Adam was great! My wife and I appreciated that there was no pressure to purchase right away and all of our questions about the stone/granite were fully answered.


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Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed Cliff helping us the first time we came in to pick out a slab. Thank you for everything, our kitchen looks great! 100% better than before

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I have made 3 purchases from your company and have been VERY satisfied with all aspects of the process from ordering, selection & installation.  I was especially pleased that your company corrected an error with out being asked!

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I will say that Flemington gave me the most help, patience and confidence, that I would be more then satisfied and I am beyond satisfied. Thank you.

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