How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

When you’ve had a long work week, heading to a spa can provide your mind and body with an unparalleled feeling of relaxation. When it gets colder outside, however, most people don’t want to go out any more than they have to, instead preferring to stay in where it’s warm. No matter what the weather might be outside, you can create your own personal sanctuary inside of your home by transforming your bathroom into your personal spa. In order to do so, you’ll need to simply add a few extra details to lend the type of atmosphere you find in spas. It is not necessary to have a sauna or a Jacuzzi or even a large bathroom. It’s the small details that can give the room a soothing appeal by incorporating input geared towards your senses.

Appeal to your sense of sight

The first impression you have when you enter a bathroom is its visual appeal. This makes the visual elements key for creating an initial spa-like impression. You’ll notice that many spas take a minimalist approach, allowing the simplicity of the decor to open the room and allow serenity. Here are some ways you can give your own bathroom that comfortable spa-like appeal:

● Choose Earth tones for your color scheme

Most people head out into nature to enjoy the scenery and beauty. You can bring that sense of nature into your bathroom by choosing Earth tones for your room’s color scheme. Muted greens, grays and browns can all lend a natural feel. If your bathroom is small, choose shades that are lighter so it doesn’t feel cramped, such as light beige, pale green or a mist-like gray.

● Install dimmable bathroom lights

Nothing can lend a sense of romance to your bath than installing dimmable lights in wall scones or recessed ceiling lights. This helps you to get a soft glow when you just want to relax. Since this type of installation requires a high degree of electrical knowledge, it is important that you get the help of a professional.

● Add faux wood floor tiles for an added feeling of warmth

Wood provides the natural ambiance of outdoors, but it is not a good material to use in moist areas. Faux wood tile made out of porcelain or ceramic tile has the natural textural appearance of wood with a much better resistance to water.

● Rid your counters of old toiletries and clutter

Cluttered rooms make people feel stressed. Consequently, spas keep their toiletries stashed out of the way and orderly. With small bathrooms, it may be impossible to hide all of your toiletries. You can still toss old, outdated ones as well as those that you do not use. This can help clear out space in your vanity for some of the toiletries cluttering your countertop. For those that you use a lot, try storing them in glass jars. This can make them look like just another piece of your room’s decor.

Appeal to your sense of touch

Hydrotherapeutic facilities at your preferred spas are obviously expensive. You can still add the following amenities to give yourself that sensual feel:

● Trade in your old tub with a soaking tub that is small and deep

There are many tubs available on the market that have a length of five feet or less but are deep enough for you to enjoy a good soak. Consider a Japanese soaking tub. They are a lot deeper than are other smaller tubs and let you submerge your entire body. Many of these also are equipped with built-in seats for added relaxation while you soak.

Trade in your shower head for a massaging one

If your bathroom is small enough that a soaking tub is not an option, consider trading in your old shower head for one that is massaging. This can give you with that relaxation you want. If you need to do so, get rid of your existing bathtub entirely and upgrade your shower.

● Add towel warmers

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a warm and relaxing shower or bath and wrapping up with a heated towel. Towel warmers are available and have become very popular in current bathroom renovation trends. These mount to your walls so they don’t take up too much room as well.

Appeal to your sense of smell

One of the first things you probably notice when you head to your favorite spa is the wonderful smells inside. Aromatherapy has been shown to improve people’s moods and overall health. In the morning, you might be able to heighten your senses better with peppermint scents. At night,jasmine and lavender can help relax the cares of the day away. Scents can be added through your personal care products as well as through adding diffusers or scented candles. If you tend to be forgetful, choose oil diffusers over candles as they are safer.

Appeal to your sense of sound

Try to avoid wall-mounted televisions in your bathroom as they do not lend to a feeling of tranquility. Instead, think more about using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to pipe in your favorite meditative music.

Appeal to your sense of taste

While thinking about taste while bathing may sound odd, consider enjoying a long, relaxing soak while also sipping your favorite wine or champagne. When you use a tub tray, you can do just that. Tub trays are available at most home improvement stores.

It is not difficult to transform your bathroom into your personal at-home spa retreat. By incorporating your senses and paying attention to the small details, you can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary you can enjoy over and over again.

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