Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Keep Seniors Safe

Noticing that our parents are getting older is never easy, especially when there are obvious safety concerns. They may wish to maintain their independence by living alone, yet it’s our basic instinct to want to protect the ones that we love.

A few home modifications will increase their safety and ease any difficulties they have with daily challenges. The bathroom is a small, yet hazardous, room that should be considered one of the first places to remodel for your loved one. A few of our recommended safety features will go a long way in preventing unnecessary accidents in the bathroom.

Add Handrails

The simple addition of grab bars in the shower, tub, and neat the toilet help your loved one avoid accidents. Safety railings assist in raising from a lowered position with a sturdy handle to use for leverage.

Safer Flooring for Seniors

A bit of texture to the flooring of a shower, tub, or bathroom floor is going to help avoid slips. Without any traction on a smooth floor, there is a major risk of falling if there is any soap or water on the surface.

Higher Features

Raising the standard toilet a few inches decreases the amount of lowering necessary to sit, and it also makes it easier to get back into a standing position. Another consideration is the height of the vanity that might cause stooping or leaning over the sink to get a good view.

Increase Lighting

Vision is going to decrease over time, so brighten up the bathroom with additional lights. It may be as simple as switching to brighter bulbs, but you could also add new fixtures in the dimmer areas of the room. Rocker switches are also great for improving the ease of turning on and off compared to traditional switches.

Lower Shower Threshold

Stepping into the average 16-inch high bathtub is a major task for an older person. A simple modification to lower this measurement to 6-inches is going to create a world of difference. It is still high enough to keep water confined, but it eliminates the need to take a high step. You may also consider adding a bench or seat inside the shower if the space permits a place to rest while cleaning up.

Our modification ideas should give you a great place to begin improving bathroom safety for your elderly loved ones. We are available to guide you through the necessary upgrades in your bathroom renovation to give you peace of mind.

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