Are There Different Brands Of Engineered Quartz Countertops?

Are There Different Brands Of Engineered Quartz Countertops

The perfect combination of strength, low maintenance, and beauty is possible with the selection of engineered stone countertops. Although this material is fabricated, these countertops are considered environmentally-friendly and adaptable to any room in the home.

This hygienic surface is resistant to stains, contaminants, and heat offers the best features of all countertop materials.

Popular Engineered Stone Brands

  • CaesarStone A stunning line of surfaces that can fit just about any commercial or residential space with refined style, rich veining, and easy care.
  • Cambria – Elegant and practical are a perfect marriage of qualities available in this beautiful collection of countertops.
  • Silestone – Unique Bacteriostatic Protection is exclusive to this collection that offers strength, vibrant colors, and contamination resistance.
  • Pental Quartz – With the assurance of the Earth Kosher certification for safe food preparation, the low-maintenance product line is perfect for kitchens.
  • Chroma Quartz – Achieve the uniformity or uniqueness that you desire in a countertop, with the bonus of superior durability and easy maintenance.

What are other colors and options are available in engineered quartz?

The initial appeal of engineered quartz stone is the seemingly limitless options as far as patterns, colors, and textures that you can select from. Brand competition causes a constant expansion of new options at the advantage of the consumer.

Compared to natural materials, the colors and textures are usually going to appear more uniform, but there are some products that mimic these same qualities.

  • Colors Any color that you can imagine is available in engineered quartz because this is added in the fabrication process. It is possible to match any decor with neutral tones if you want a more sleek appearance. On the other hand, more vibrant colors are also available for a more unique room addition.
  • Patterns – Creating an appearance that is nearly identical to natural stones, such as marble, is always a popular look. The main difference in the patterning begins with the way the quartz material is ground for production. A flecked appearance comes from the more coarsely ground material, while a smoother look is achieved from a finely ground stone.
  • Finishes – The versatile finish options include a matte style, reflective polishing, or unique texture on the exterior of the countertop.

Where can engineered quartz be used?

The qualities of engineered stone are perfect for any interior room and surface, from flooring to walls. It can be heavy so this may limit your options somewhat, but it can be fabricated in a thinner style for unique application needs. Some of the resins used to add color are not resistant to outdoor UV rays so it should be limited to indoor use.

What are the cleaning and maintenance requirements?

Everyday cleaning is simple with a mild soap and warm water, with the possible addition of a nonabrasive cleaner if necessary. Engineered quartz is not susceptible to bacteria, mold, or mildew so sanitation should be very easy in any room.

What are the latest styles in commercial restrooms?

What are the latest styles in commercial restrooms?

There are people with actual phobias of public restrooms because they have a reputation of being unsanitary and ugly. Consider the ambiance of the bathroom in your business to recognize the need to complete some important updates. It should be easy to find solutions that will make employees and customers feel comfortable and safe. You may decide that a few small updates are sufficient, or it might require an entire remodel to achieve your ideal modern design.

Touch Free Fixtures

Think about how many restaurants you avoid simply because they have a disgusting restroom. No one wants to feel that they are being exposed to filth and bacteria that could potentially cause a serious illness. The usual culprits are contaminated toilet seats and floors, but your greatest risk of exposure is actually during the process of hand washing. A total of 19 different bacterial phyla were identified by University of Colorado scientists collecting samples from public restroom surfaces. It’s not even safe to touch the exterior of a soap dispenser because it’s being contaminated regularly throughout each day.

Commercial restrooms are implementing touch-free soap dispensers, flushing mechanisms, hand dryers, and faucets to help visitors avoid contact with germs. It’s also easier for facility owners to maintain cleanliness with these innovative features.

Sustainable Materials

Public restroom products are put to the test each day by enduring frequent use during business hours. Manufacturers are beginning to recognize the value of using sustainable materials to improve the overall lifespan of their products. Engineered stone used as countertop surfaces is created from recycled materials to ensure a more durable final product. In fact, most recycled and renewable materials are suitable for heavy usage in an environment that is often damp or humid. High Density Polyethylene plastic is another recycled product found in most modern commercial restrooms.

Luxurious Design

Visitors are more likely to visit an establishment that offers a sophisticated and updated restroom. Stainless steel, granite, and other stone products are becoming trendy because they offer exceptional bacteria resistance and cleanliness. It’s easy to sanitize natural stone flooring, especially if you compare it to the grimy reputation of traditional laminate. Granite countertops are sleek, non-porous, and have the ability to make every business feel like a high-end establishment.

Get in touch with our team of designers by completing the contact form to find out about our commercial restroom solutions and products that we offer.

Kid Friendly Countertops

Kid Friendly Countertops

Families that want to install brand new countertops in the bathroom or kitchen have a lot to consider if there are children in the house. A simply art project or accidental juice spill can cause major surface damage if the material is unable to handle such exposure. Rather than strictly limit activities on a fragile surface, choose a countertop material that can withstand the normal wear and tear of your family.

Granite Countertops Perfect for Kids

Granite Countertops Perfect for KidsIt is tough to commit to an expensive countertop with kids in the house exposing them to potential damage. Teenagers tend to treat their bathroom counters with little regard as they expose them to the heat of hair styling tools, nail polish, cosmetics, and facial cleansers on a regular basis. With a proper sealing treatment, stains, heat, and household chemicals no longer pose a threat to granite surfaces. Parents can feel confident in their countertop investment knowing that dropping a heavy glass or spilling a cup of juice is not going to cause any real damage.

Marble Countertops the Imperfectly Perfect Solution

Marble Countertops the Imperfectly Perfect SolutionCarrara is on the lower expense side of marble, but it comes at the risk of staining and scratches. It’s not recommended for homes with small children because it is highly porous and can scratch easily. However, parents that do not mind a little added character could love the imperfections accumulated over years of owning. Proper sealing and polishing marble every couple of years is a great way to prevent stains in the soft, porous surface as much as possible. Keep in mind that etching is almost unavoidable with this type of countertop and it is smart to use a cutting board anytime food is prepared.

Engineered Stone the Child Proof Option

Engineered Stone the Child Proof OptionPerhaps the best choice in countertop surfaces in homes with children is engineered stone. This material is nonporous and so durable that scratches and chips from heavy wear is a rare occurrence. Various colors and textures can mimic the appearance of other countertops with the advantage of avoiding vulnerability in daily use. Maintenance is as simple as wiping down with a mild soap and warm water, and it does not have to be resealed at any point after the installation.

Feel free to give us a call if you would like to compare the advantages and prices of our kid-friendly countertop options. We look forward to finding a solution that matches the demands of your home decor, budget, and lifestyle.

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