Caesarstone Piatra Grey: Sophisticating The Look Of Quartz

Caesarstone Piatra Grey_ Sophisticating The Look Of Quartz

Flemington Granite, a Flemington, New Jersey family owned and operated company, has been in the manufacturing, design and countertop installation business for nearly 100 years. In addition, Flemington manages and handles indoor and outdoor landscaping and structural materials and products.

Their years in business and service to the community are testimony to their exceptional customer service and commitment to providing innumerable services to valued customers across the region. Their expert fabricators and production staff have more than demonstrated their attention to detail and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, which keeps new and old customers returning.

Customers are Flemington Granite’s number one concern, and the company will continue to operate above and beyond the expected as they begin their journey towards another 100 years of service to the region.

Flemington’s Natural and Engineered Products

Many of Fleminton Granite’s natural stone product lines are manufactured directly in house and available for viewing and customer selection. The natural stones consist of granite, limestone, marble, slate and travertine as well as engineered quartz stones in the Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone and PentalQuartz brands.


Caesarstone is one exceptional quartz line that has proven itself worthy of recognition because of its durability, extraordinary resistance to bacterial strains, mildew and mold, as well as heat, everyday stains, scratches and sudden impact from sharp and blunt objects, plus it is extremely easy to maintain and is available in a variety of styles and color combinations that exude workmanship and beauty.

The technology vested in Caesarstone has made it a top-of-the line product that is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner, and its newer Supernatural line includes a standout surface in Piatra Grey, which is an extraordinary Caesarstone design. Caesarstone quartz remains one of the best available lines in engineered stone available today.

Where To Buy Caesarstone Piatra Grey

Caesarstone Piatra Grey can be purchased through Caesarstone’s at Flemington Granite. You can call, schedule and appointment online, or visit our showroom.

Which Colors Match Best With Caesarstone Piatra Grey

Piatra Grey can be characterized as a slate grey that has white chalk colored veins running through it. It is part of the Classico collection and is in the Supernatural range of choices.

Several of the following selections are part of the Caesarstone line designated as Supernatural, which identifies these colors as ones with surfaces that are inspired by both natural marble and granite, yet are resistant to stains, cracks and scratches that are part of the quartz phenomenon.

Colors that best match or can be coordinated with Piatra Grey include:

  • Calacatta Nuvo 5131
  • White Attica 5143
  • Statuario Nuvo 5111
  • London Grey 5000
  • Frosty Carrina 5141

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Edge Profiles

There are a number of edge profiles to choose from that coordinate with Caesarstone Piatra Grey, and it is available in thicknesses of 13 and 20 millimeters. The Piatra Grey finish is polished and slab sizes are available in 3,050mm by 1,440 millimeters, and weight for 13mm is equal to 143kg and 20mm is equal to 220kg. With the edge profiles presented, a recommended radius of 3-4 millimeters is required on any edge profile.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey edge profiles consist of the following:

  • Pencil Edge – with a recommended minimum radius of 6 mm (millimeters)
  • Bullnose Edge – for a full profile radius
  • Laminated Edge – for a thicker appearing edge
  • Mitred Apron Edge – recommended for edges in the Supernatural design series
  • Shark Nose Edge – is utilized for a thin and floating look edge
  • Splayed Edge – an edge look that is often seen on furniture
  • 5×5 Shadow Line Edge Join – often used with islands and panels

If you are interested in Caesarstone’s Piatra Grey, or just have questions about the Classico line or Caesarstone in general, complete the online contact form and a specialist will return your inquiry as soon as possible. Explore the possibilities with Casesarstone and Classico’s beautiful Piatra Grey.

In The Epic Debate Of Granite vs Caesarstone, Who Wins?

In The Epic Debate Of Granite vs Caesarstone, Who Wins

If you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen, you’ve likely encountered the two schools of thought regarding whether granite or Caesarstone is a superior choice for your kitchen countertops. While granite floors and counters are beautiful and durable, lasting for thousands of years in some historic buildings, some homeowners and builders prefer Caesarstone instead.

There are pros and cons involved with each choice, and when it comes down to the time in which you will make your choice, the decision really will depend on you and your stylistic preferences.

Maintenance requirements of granite vs Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a type of engineered stone countertop that is made by combining 93 percent quartz particles with hard resins. The resins work to bind the stone particles together. The result is an extremely dense material, far more so than the more porous granite. This means that a kitchen that uses Caesarstone countertops will not require the application of sealants.

By contrast, granite will need to be sealed at least annually for the best protection. If you skip sealing it, you risk the integrity of your countertops. Granite that has not had its annual sealing may start absorbing liquids and potentially be stained over time as the sealant wears off.

Color and textural differences

Both granite and Caesarstone will enhance any type of kitchen. They are each available in numerous textures, patterns and colors. Quartz countertops have pigment that is added during the manufacturing process and can be colored throughout. Granite will come in its own natural colors and styles.

Granite lovers feel that having that natural look that granite provides is irreplaceable. Those who love Caesarstone instead tend to point to its uniformity as the deciding feature for them. No matter which type you choose, both are beautiful and within the same range of price.

Caesarstone and granite resist scratches, dents, gouges and heat, and both will last a lifetime if proper care is taken. Granite and quartz countertops both come from natural stone although Caesarstone has additional manufacturing steps. While they are both exceptionally hard, quartz slabs are slightly heavier and harder than granite slabs.

Granite is stunning and its natural look is hard to match. In most cases, however, granite is not uniform in its appearance. If you want a uniform color for your countertops, Caesarstone may be a better choice for you. If you instead prefer the unique and beautiful look granite can provide, you can’t go wrong by choosing it instead.

While some people will continue to debate about which is the better choice, designers agree that the best option is the one that meets the individual’s needs and stylistic preferences. In order to determine which works better for you, you’ll want to look at slabs of both.

4 Ways Flemington Granite Can Revitalize Your Home

4 Ways Flemington Granite Can Revitalize Your Home (1)

Your home should feel like your personal sanctuary, rather than some dated space that leaves you feeling as drab as your surroundings. Many of us bought homes that had features, that while popular at the time, are now so old, they make our homes scream that they come from another time.

Rather than just settling for the tired carpet, linoleum flooring, dated backsplashes and discolored wooden decks, there are several home remodeling ideas that can be done to help make all of our homes classic and timeless.

Bathroom Remodeling


Nothing can bring out the beauty of your bathroom than choosing a lovely natural stone to give a sense of tranquility. Classic marble used on the floors and countertops can make the room shine beautifully. Granite can be used as well, coming in a variety of different colors, for a rich and inspiring appearance.

Travertine countertops and floors can provide that coolness that you want. No matter the design preferences you might have, choosing one of these natural stones as the base to work around can transform your bathroom.

To see how these different natural stones can work in your bathroom, make certain to look at our bathroom visualizer, which allows you to try different stones and colors to see what you like the best.

Livingroom Remodeling


Besides pulling out and replacing tired carpet, flooring and fixtures, nothing can transform a living room more than refacing your fireplace with natural stone. Doing so can make your fireplace into the focal point of the room, helping to draw your eyes to its beauty.

To see how different types of natural stones might look for your fireplace, you can use our stacked stone visualizer to get an idea.

Outdoor Living


Instead of replacing or varnishing the wood on your deck, try thinking about replacing it entirely with a beautiful natural-stone patio. Natural stone can be used to build a wonderful outdoor entertainment space that will blend in with the surrounding foliage.

You can build an outdoor kitchen out of natural stone for entertaining your guests. Adding touches such as beautiful fountains, columns, outdoor living patio furniture and other things can make your backyard a true place to which you can escape.

Modern Kitchen Remodeling


Either stone or engineered stone are great choices for your kitchen remodeling project. While granite is a beautiful and classic choice for floors, countertops and backsplashes, engineered stone is also terrific.

Manufactured from ground quartz that is combined with resin and pigment, engineered stone offers the same beauty as natural stone products but does not need to be resealed, is highly resistant to staining and comes in a wide range of colors.

  • Caesarstone requires no sealing and can stand up to the most vigorous of uses.
  • Pental quartz lends the same beautiful appeal as natural stone and comes in a variety of different colors, textures and levels of shine.
  • Silestone is a terrific choice for walls, backsplashes and countertops because it is engineered to be bacteria-resistant.
  • Cambria is a beautiful choice, coming in a variety of different colors and offering all that natural stone has to offer. Cambria also is highly durable and is able to stand up to almost anything. To see what the different choices might look like, you can use our kitchen visualizer.

No matter the size of your home renovation project, our team of professional designers are ready and able to help you to make your dream a reality.

We invite you to stop by our show room today to see some of what we have to offer. You can also call to schedule your appointment or simply fill in your contact information in the provided form and we will get back with you shortly.

Why Are Quartz Countertops so Popular?

Why Are Quartz Countertops so Popular

In the last few years, customers have increasingly been turning to engineered stone countertops made from quartz over other high-quality countertop choices. Well-designed new homes now frequently feature quartz countertops, and homeowners are also increasingly choosing them for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

There are several reasons that quartz countertops are now in high demand and will likely become even more popular.


Quartz countertops are manufactured and engineered using some of the toughest and most impenetrable minerals available in the world instead of being mined from quarries like other natural stones. The manufacturing process also includes the addition of polyester resins to provide even greater toughness.

The engineering and manufacturing process used in the creation of quartz countertops make them the most durable when compared with natural stone countertops. Other advantages of quartz countertops are that they are non-porous, which helps to prevent stains. They are also resistant to scratching and are able to stand up to vigorous cooking using knives and children spilling drinks on them.



While natural stone has an appearance that is non-uniform with natural and visible variations, quartz has a design consistency since it is engineered. The uniformity of design helps people to match the chosen color and style of their countertops with their cabinets, tile and paint.

It also saves time for the manufacturer as they do not need to carefully preselect where to cut slabs in order to make the natural variations in natural stone more appealing to the customer.


The non-porous nature of engineered quartz countertops makes it unnecessary to later have to have a professional reseal them, which is unlike the nature of natural stone counters made of marble, granite, soapstone and others.

Similarly, quartz stands up to cleaning with the harsher chemicals, allowing customers to easily use the cleaning products they have on hand without worrying about causing damage.


Previously, critics of quartz countertops didn’t like the available designs and patterns because they simply didn’t provide the luxurious appearance that marble or granite countertops did. Advances in the engineering and manufacturing of quartz countertops have now addressed those complaints.

Top quartz manufacturers are now using a polishing process that can so effectively mimic the appearance of marble or granite that most people can’t tell the counters are not made of natural stone. Before, manufacturers were only able to polish the engineered quartz, but they now are able to offer sand-blasted, embossed or honed finishes as well.

The developments and advances that have been made in the engineering of quartz have made quartz one of the top choices for the most modern bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.


In order to provide you with the best results for your quartz countertops, we carry the products offered by the top quartz manufacturers in the industry. The manufacturers that we work with in order to provide you the top-of-the-line and most beautiful results possible include Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria and PentalQartz.

If you are ready to update your kitchen, we are ready and eager to help you. For your free consultation about your own renovation and remodeling project, contact us today. The professional design team at Flemington Granite represents the top talent in the industry, and we have a deep passion for transforming our customers’ kitchens.