What Are the Ugliest Colors to Paint Your Home?

The Australian government recently researched what color people dislike the most, and the government determined that people dislike a color called Pantone 448 C, a specific shade of greenish brown. Australia has found that people find the color ugly enough that the country is using it to try to keep people from smoking.

Pantone 448 C

While browns and greens are both fine, the particular way in which the human brain processes the particular blend that makes up Pantone 448 C is probably why people find it so repulsive. When people choose paint for their homes, they usually want colors that make them feel uplifted. The particular greenish-brown hue of Pantone 448 C instead makes people feel lifeless or depressed, bringing their moods down. While people haven’t rushed out to paint their homes in that particular shade, some people still do choose other colors that are quite ugly for both the interior and exterior of their homes. Here are some colors you should avoid when you are getting ready to choose the colors to paint your home.


Peach made a splash in homes during the 1960s, but it had quickly fallen out of fashion by the 1970s. The likely reason that peach has never reappeared as a design trend is because it is so ugly and dated-looking. It is a very difficult color for you to design around or to work with. While peach may look fine for clothing, it is overwhelming and depressing when it is covering expanses of walls.

Bright orange

Orange might be okay if it is used in small touches. Every few years, orange rears up, appearing in home design. The reason why it doesn’t last is because it is overwhelming when used on walls and is very hard to work with in home design.

Bright yellow

Certain shades of yellow are cheerful, such as some buttery shades. Bright yellow feels overly aggressive, however, making people feel nervous and anxious. It is also overpowering when it is used in a large room with large walls.

Red coral

While red itself is very aggressive and anger-inducing, some shades are also very ugly. For example, red corals blend some pink into the pure red along with some neon intensity, none of which look good on walls. Bright deep reds may be good to use for accents, such as on the front door of a house, but you should avoid using shades of red to paint whole rooms.

Pastel pink

Pastel colors should be avoided in most cases. While they might be appearing in design magazines, remember that brightness helps to lift a room’s mood. Pastel pink instead appears dusty when it is painted on the walls, making the room feel dull and lifeless. Instead, choosing neutral shades such as a gray with a hint of beige will provide a timeless appeal.

When you are ready to remodel or update your home and would like ideas about colors to paint your home, the design professionals at Flemington Granite will be happy to help. To get some ideas about updates for your home or to learn how we can help, come by or call us today.

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