Granite countertops have a timeless beauty that brings a look of luxury to any room. Caring for granite countertops is simple but installing them is not. Unfortunately, there are homeowners who believe that they can install granite and other natural stone on their own. Because natural stone can be very expensive it is best to leave the installation to professionals.

Proper Support and Leveling

One of the hardest aspects of installing granite countertops is that they must be completely level and adequately supported. Professional installers understand how to adjust the stone so that it fits properly. Unlike other types of countertop like laminate and butcher block, it is not possible to simply glue the counter to cabinets without support. Granite is extremely heavy and must have the proper support. Rebar and other reinforcement are often necessary to adequately support the counters so they do not crack under their own weight.

High Quality Results

It is not difficult to identify a granite counter that has been installed as a DIY project. Slabs are uneven, the grout work is obvious and incorrect. The counters may also have cracks or stress fractures because they are not supported properly.

Experience and Equipment

Installing granite can be a time-consuming, difficult process. You will spend a significant amount of time consulting manuals, online videos and other guides to help you throughout the installation. In addition, you will need to have specific tools to cut out sinks and appliances or to add a backsplash. If your counter has odd angles, you will need to cut the counters to fit which can be difficult without the proper tools. A professional has the right tools and the experience to get the counters installed quickly and with less inconvenience to your family.


Even if your granite is cut to your measurements and specifications, you may need to have adjustments when the stone is installed in your home. Cutting granite in a closed environment can be difficult and can lead to dust in carpets, ducts, clothing, dishes and screens. Professionals close of the room where they are installing the granite to protect the rest of your home. In addition, they use wet saws to cut the granite and reduce dust.

If you are considering granite countertops for your home, you need to work with a professional to be sure your counters are installed properly. Complete the form online or give us a call today.

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