What Are They Saying About Granite Countertops In 2019?

Though granite has had its name in forward motion since the 1980s, it is more in the limelight now than it has ever been. Originally, granite was used in more luxurious kitchen and bathroom settings and was one of the more expensive choices for the rich and famous, as was marble.

Granite Today

In 2019, granite is considerably less costly, available on a wider scale and has progressively gained popularity because of its enduring quality, beauty and value. The changes and upgrades with granite in 2019 continue to make it more desirable and appealing. Here is some of what is currently occurring with granite counter tops.

1. Finishes

Finishes are what have given granite a renewed appearance today. Polished granite is at the top of the list of choices as it is the most appealing to current homeowners. Its glossy surface is mirror like, luxurious and brings a fluid look to a kitchen or bathroom space.

Other available granite choices include a honed finish which brings a matte or dryer look to granite. Minimalism is a trend and a matte finish granite helps to pull off an uncomplicated and streamlined kitchen design. Honed granite is also a nice touch for a more rustic and industrialized look in counter top selections and appeals to those who like the concept of a laid back look in kitchen counter tops.

There are also other granite finishes in sumptuous leather looks that are conducive to modern, natural and old-world features that can enhance almost any type of home today.

2. Patterns

Granite patterns run the gamut from whirls, veins, and specks and are all part of 2019 trends in granite pattern choices. Many of these patterns are present in the varying types of granite that are available to homeowners and businesses. Patterns can resemble veined marble or be more contained with minimal speckling, while whirls create a modern art and spatial effect that gives contemporary homes today a grand and open appearance. With all the versatility in patterns presented in 2019, there is a pattern style that fits any home design and is adaptable to most any homeowner’s taste.

3. Colors

Granite counter top colors that are trending in 2019 appear to be of the deeper and darker variety. Dark bluish-green and blue predominate while other colors that are emerging include gray, white, orange, red, beige, black, green and brown. Many of these distinct colors are actually due to the formation of crystals within the granite pieces themselves and every piece or slab is different in coloration.

Both black and gray granite are appearing in 2019 and blend very well with modern and contemporary kitchen spaces and usually correlate well with lighter wood cabinets. Beige and brown granite counter tops are also favored and are quite a bit easier to integrate with most kitchen designs as they can be combined with almost any cabinet and fixture choices. White granite is a bold choice and usually has different flecks of color yet blends well with cherry wood and is great choice to enhance small kitchen spaces and open concepts.

In viewing the various aspects of current granite counter top offerings, it is obvious that finishes, patterns and colors are what defines granite counter tops in 2019 and with the number of choices and combinations available, there is no limit to what can be achieved with a granite counter top selection. If you really want granite counter tops but aren’t sure what choices to make, complete the contact form and an expert will get back to you to help you fulfill your granite counter top dreams.

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