How To Protect Your Outdoor Granite Countertops

Today, outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever. People are venturing out to enjoy nature more than ever and homeowners are finding it much more convenient to cook outdoors rather than heating up the house in the warm summer months. There are even outdoor kitchens designed to be used year round. One natural stone that is finding a home in outdoor kitchens is granite. Granite is one of the hardest stones on Earth and is perfect for your outdoor countertops and tables. However, there are some tips you should follow to protect your granite from damage outdoors.

Weather Protection

Because granite is natural, you may think that weather could not possibly damage the surface. However, rain, snow, sleet and freezing temperatures as well as bright sunshine beating down on the granite can cause damage. You want to be sure that your counter fabricator uses exterior glue on the edges to avoid damage from the freeze and thaw cycle. Without the glue, your countertops could separate from the base. When you are not using your granite countertops in the winter, keep them covered. Snow and ice can cause the granite to wear down more quickly. Use umbrellas, awnings and other types of coverings in the summer to keep the sun from beating down on the granite at all times.

Use a Sealant

One of the best ways to protect the surface of your granite is to use a sealant. You can seal your granite countertop yourself without professional assistance in about 20 minutes. If you are not comfortable with the sealing process, your counter fabricator can perform the action for you.

Clean Your Counters

Although you probably know to keep your counters clean and sanitary, it is especially important for your outdoor counters. If you spill something on the counter, be sure to wipe it up quickly. This is especially important if you spill something like mustard, wine, juice or coffee. If you allow those substances to sit on the counter in the sun, your counter could stain. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner on your granite countertops to avoid damage.

If you are interested in granite counters for your outdoor kitchen, contact us today to learn more. Not all granite countertops are the same and some are better suited for outdoor use than others. We can guide you through the process and help you choose the countertops that will work best for your family. Fill out the easy form or give us a call today.

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