Top 11 Home Design Blogs You Should Should Be Following

If you are thinking about home renovations and updates, you’re likely overwhelmed by all of the home design trends. Finding the unique style that calls to you can take some time. It is common for people to struggle while they are searching to find the latest trends and the unique designs that will work best for them. A good place to start is by looking at these 11 home design blogs. By following them, you’ll learn the best and most modern ideas to transform your home with designs that are both modern and timeless.

1. The Endearing Home


The Endearing Home

The Endearing Home is a blog that is chock-full of do-it-yourself craft projects that are meant for people who want to create beautiful and comfortable homes on a budget. Lauren, the blogger, offers many creative ideas that are perfect if you love a rustic, homey appearance. She provides tips for repurposing garage sale finds as well as using burlap and other items to give your home its own uniquely beautiful look.

2. Simply Designing

Simply Designing

If you are a parent, you’ll love Simply Designing. Ashley Phipps offers family-friendly ideas for your home transformation, including ideas geared for infants up through teenagers. Sprinkled throughout her designs are recipes, crafts and educational game ideas so that you can have fun with the whole family in your remodeled home.

3. The Homes I Have Made

The Homes I Have Made

Megan Duesterhaus is a military wife who focuses on creating functional and beautiful designs that can be easily moved and reincorporated into each house her family moves into. Her design ideas make terrific use of limited space, with ideas for organization when the square footage is limited. Her ideas are terrific for people who rent or whose jobs require frequent moves.

4. Dandelion Patina

Dandelion Patina

Michelle, the blogger behind the Dandelion Patina, is a stay-at-home mother who specializes in incorporating farmhouse, modern and rustic design themes. She includes both do-it-yourself ideas along with ways to find items to purchase when doing so makes a better option. Her blog is focused on helping people to use simple style ideas so that they can create their own simple lives for happy tranquility.

5. Gray House Studio

Gray House Studio

Blogging duo Brent and Courtney met in high school and later reconnected, getting married and embarking on a life of designing, building and renovating houses together. On their blog, you can find unique designs that are very utilitarian and industrial while also leaving a timeless impression. Brent is a master craftsman, and he offers some special insight into how to build different items in order to make your home truly yours.

6. Wife in Progress

Wife In Progress

Jenna, who is originally from Ireland and who now lives in Boston with her husband and their child, is a teacher and lover of do-it-yourself home renovation projects. She gives excellent ideas for how to remodel your home frugally, and her work has sleek lines combined with muted and beautiful colors. The results are classically inspired rooms that will stay in style even as time passes.

7. The Blissful Bee

The Blissful Bee

Amy, a professional designer and blogger, creates beautiful spaces that incorporate bursts of color using flowers and photographs of plants and trees combined with neutral shades. Her designs bring nature indoors, giving a breezy and airy feel to the homes she designs. She also offers do-it-yourself ideas if you want to try your own hand in creating your unique space.

8. The House of Wood

The House Of Wood

Jen Woodhouse is a successful songwriter as well as a do-it-yourself enthusiast and designer. On her blog, you can find many buildable furniture projects along with home decor and design ideas. Blogging from Nashville, her designs incorporate farmhouse styles with a sense of Southern gentility.

9. Charles & Hudson

Charles & Hudson

Timothy Dahl, the founder of Charles & Hudson, focuses on smart home ideas, incorporating technology into his designs and do-it-yourself projects. In addition to innovative ideas, he provides step-by-step instructions along with a discussion of the tools that you will need.

10. The Painted Hive

the painted hive

Kristine specializes in creating livable and beautiful homes while working on a budget. She provides information about rehabbing furniture and other pieces in order to transform your home room-by-room into a place in which you can truly enjoy living. She also offers craft ideas and how-to information, and you can check out her work with her before and after photographs.

11. Flemington Granite

Flemington Granite Screenshot

Flemington Granite is far more than just a provider of natural stone products. The company has a team of professional designers who are able to work with you to help make your home express your personality while using the most modern trends and classic designs. The results are stunning, allowing your home to appear as if it came from the pages of a top design magazine.

Deciding how to remodel your home doesn’t have to be bewildering. With ideas from these 11 blogs, you are sure to find the combination of styles that best fit your personality. After you have decided on the designs you love, you can then roll up your sleeves and get started.

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