Curbless Walk-In Shower

In many new or renovated homes, you’ll find curbless walk-in showers, which have greatly increased in popularity among designers and homeowners alike. Before you decide to install your own curbless shower, it is important for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of them. They are not the best choice for everyone, and you know both your family and the space with which you are working better than anyone else.

Pros of a Curbless Walk-In Shower

● Great use of smaller available space

A curbless shower works well in smaller bathrooms. With continual flooring made from natural stone slabs or tile extending across the bathroom and into the shower, the look can appear seamless and make your bathroom appear larger. It goes beyond the appearance, however, as curbless showers take away the need for a shower door or curtain and take up significantly less space than curbed showers or bathtubs.

● Easier cleaning

Another great feature of curbless showers is their ease of cleaning. Instead of having to bend over and scrub an enclosed shower or tub, The curbless type allows you to easily access it. When you also have pull-down handheld showerheads, cleaning may involve even less work, obviating the need for you to bend over repeatedly.

● Easier to get in and out of

One of the best advantages of a curbless walk-in shower is how easy they are for people to get in and out of. This is terrific for people who are older or who have elderly parents living with them. Instead of having to deal with a 4-inch lip around a curbed shower or the edge of a tub, you can simply just walk right in. This makes it less likely that people will trip and fall as well, no matter their ages.

Cons of a Curbless Walk-In Shower

● Little to no privacy

Without a shower door or curtain, you will have less privacy. This can be handled by installing glass blocks or a curtain if privacy is important.

● Water going across the floor

Without a lip around your shower, you’ll have a harder time keeping the water from your shower from going across your bathroom floor. Some people combat this by using a rain shower head because it keeps the water coming down in one spot.

● Feeling colder while you shower

You may feel colder when you shower because of not having a shower door or curtain to trap in heat. Some people solve this problem by combining their curbless showers with heated floors.

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