Remodeling a bathroom can be a chore and it can be a costly one, but remodeling trends for 2019 can help prove that there are ways to create a bathroom space without breaking the bank. Remodeling bathroom trends today incorporate a number of design ideas that rate for both efficiency and style as well as for creating a space that can become a hideaway for peace, luxury, and wellness.

Here are top-of-the-line bathroom trends to note for 2019. They include:

Updated Vanities

An updated vanity consists of more than just brushing on a fresh coat of paint, though that is one idea that is easy and budget-friendly enough, a major new trend and game changer is the use of a floating vanity. They not only provide an open and airy concept to a bathroom, but they also bring an updated, fresh and clean look to a space, and they are a whole lot easier to maintain. A vanity that is hung on the wall allows the eye to focus away from the floor and eliminates the box-like look of a traditional vanity that is flush with the floor.

Shower Doors

Shower doors have come a long way from those frosted sliding panels that wobbled and slid around even after they were installed. The latest trend with shower doors consists of beautifully appointed frameless doors that are large and elegant, and are actually quite maintenance free. They can be expensive, but the look and comfort of a large shower area and the value it can bring to a bathroom space is worth the effort.

Wall Changes

Bathroom wall changes have progressed from white and neutral color looks to more sophisticated and ethnic treatments such as high gloss enamel paint, elaborate tiling, and wall paneling. Tiles that extend from floor to ceiling are one popular 2019 trend, and the use of smaller tiles and tiles in various shapes and sizes is also trending. The look of painted tiles is one enhancement that can quickly change and update a bathroom area without a lot of work.


Mirrors are great remodeling accessories as they can add brightness to a space as well as to enlarge it and create a decorative wall treatment all on their own. Mirrors with embedded or built-in lights seem to be what has caught the attention of remodeling enthusiasts in 2019. They are available in numerous dimensions, shapes, and sizes and are perfect for makeup application, skin care routines and shaving. Lighted mirrors not only help with everyday hygiene routines, but they provide an enhanced brightness that is lacking with ordinary mirrors. A bathroom can be immediately updated with a lighted mirror.


A pop of color is something that can immediately transform a bathroom area. The colors that are ascending beyond the color wheel are those represented in nature. Greens reminiscent of the forest as well as muted grey colors appear to be part of 2019 trends, as does amber as it can provide a burst of color in any bathroom space, plus it integrates well with most any other color choice, whether bright or neutral. Bathroom fixtures in black, deep blue and charcoal work well with any lighter natural color choices. Towels, linens and other accessories in darker tones can be easily integrated with more natural colors.

Any of these remodeling trends can easily be incorporated in a bathroom renovation design but if you’re unsure which ones will work for you, complete the online contact form and a remodeling expert will get back to you with the information you need to make your project a success.

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