Why Are Quartz Countertops so Popular

In the last few years, customers have increasingly been turning to engineered stone countertops made from quartz over other high-quality countertop choices. Well-designed new homes now frequently feature quartz countertops, and homeowners are also increasingly choosing them for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

There are several reasons that quartz countertops are now in high demand and will likely become even more popular.


Quartz countertops are manufactured and engineered using some of the toughest and most impenetrable minerals available in the world instead of being mined from quarries like other natural stones. The manufacturing process also includes the addition of polyester resins to provide even greater toughness.

The engineering and manufacturing process used in the creation of quartz countertops make them the most durable when compared with natural stone countertops. Other advantages of quartz countertops are that they are non-porous, which helps to prevent stains. They are also resistant to scratching and are able to stand up to vigorous cooking using knives and children spilling drinks on them.



While natural stone has an appearance that is non-uniform with natural and visible variations, quartz has a design consistency since it is engineered. The uniformity of design helps people to match the chosen color and style of their countertops with their cabinets, tile and paint.

It also saves time for the manufacturer as they do not need to carefully preselect where to cut slabs in order to make the natural variations in natural stone more appealing to the customer.


The non-porous nature of engineered quartz countertops makes it unnecessary to later have to have a professional reseal them, which is unlike the nature of natural stone counters made of marble, granite, soapstone and others.

Similarly, quartz stands up to cleaning with the harsher chemicals, allowing customers to easily use the cleaning products they have on hand without worrying about causing damage.


Previously, critics of quartz countertops didn’t like the available designs and patterns because they simply didn’t provide the luxurious appearance that marble or granite countertops did. Advances in the engineering and manufacturing of quartz countertops have now addressed those complaints.

Top quartz manufacturers are now using a polishing process that can so effectively mimic the appearance of marble or granite that most people can’t tell the counters are not made of natural stone. Before, manufacturers were only able to polish the engineered quartz, but they now are able to offer sand-blasted, embossed or honed finishes as well.

The developments and advances that have been made in the engineering of quartz have made quartz one of the top choices for the most modern bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.


In order to provide you with the best results for your quartz countertops, we carry the products offered by the top quartz manufacturers in the industry. The manufacturers that we work with in order to provide you the top-of-the-line and most beautiful results possible include Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria and PentalQartz.

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