Planning a Man Cave Don’t Forget These Items

Personal space is important in a marriage which is why man caves have been on the rise over the past few years. Man caves give men a place to go where they can relax, enjoy time with the “guys” and not worry about where they put their feet. It may also be a quiet place to work or read as well as a game room for shooting pool, throwing darts or playing poker. If you are planning a man cave, these are a few necessities you need to make it complete.

The Comfy Recliner

A recliner is a man’s all-purpose furnishing. It is perfect for sitting and enjoying the game, but is also a comfortable spot to read the paper. If you plan to use your man cave for work, the recliner is a great place for calling clients in the evening or comfortably working on your laptop. It even leans back for that afternoon nap on a rainy afternoon without the stiff neck you end up with when you sleep on the sofa.

Large Television

If you plan to enjoy the big game, you need a television. Choose one that is large enough to be seen from all angles of the room. Even if you are not into sports, a television is still critical when planning a man cave. You can watch movies, catch up on old television shows or even find an all-music channel for background noise while you are working.

Grown-up Games

For many men, a pool table is an essential addition to any man cave. If pool is not your thing, a dart board, air hockey, ping pong or Foosball table may be more to your liking. In fact, you may want to include a combination of games. Another excellent addition to a man cave is a poker table. There are many options available today, some with reversible tops which make them more versatile if your man cave will be used by other members of the family.

Your Personality

Although you don’t have to have a theme for your man cave, you want it to reflect your personality. It could be the deer head your wife refuses to allow in the living room or the trophies from the golf tournaments you enjoy. The opportunities are endless in a man cave to display what makes you who you are through memorabilia, mementos and other items.

Seating for Everyone

In addition to that comfy recliner, you will want to have seating available for others who may join you in the man cave. If you install a large-screen television, consider adding theater seating. Theater seating is also a great way to watch the big game as many come equipped with cup holders and small tables for snacks. There are even seats available with iPad and laptop holders so your friends can keep up with their fantasy team during the game.

A Bar and Stools

Another great touch when planning a man cave is a bar with stools. Sitting at a bar adds a feeling of “adult” to a man cave, even if the toy box is just on the other side of the room. People enjoy sitting at a bar, watching the game or simply enjoying each other’s company.

If you need help with the plan for your man cave, contact us today to learn what we can do to help you create the perfect space. You can give us a call or visit our website for suggestions on what can make your man cave unique, exciting and “you.”

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