What Are The Benefits Of A Home Addition?

When you want to transform your home and have the space about which you’ve always dreamed, a home addition may be the right choice for you. Home additions give you much more than a simple remodeling project can, including additional space, more natural light or rental income. There are also additional advantages of home additions.

Gaining additional space with a home addition

Most people want more room in their homes. As Americans, we have many items that require storage, including exercise equipment, bicycles, photo albums and more.When you add a home addition, you will have a lot more room with which you can work. Your addition could be a bathroom, family room, bedroom or a kitchen. Even adding a few feet to your existing kitchen or bathroom can add the space that you need.

Benefits of a home addition for family and friends

Whether you frequently entertain out-of-town guests or have grown children who are wanting to move home, an addition can be used to house them. The Pew Research Center reports that nearly 40 percent of young adults live with their parents. If your lot can handle of extra space, you can add a bedroom to your home. If your existing plumbing allows you to do so, you can also add a guest bathroom, making the new bedroom and bathroom perfect for your adult child or for guests.

Home additions for added value

It is important for you to research carefully and talk to a real estate professional before building an addition to your home if the reason for you doing so is to increase your home’s value. While adding space may add value, it doesn’t always. Other factors, including the area in which your home is located, local market conditions and your lot size will also impact the value of your home.

It can be cheaper to build a home addition than to move

Building on to your house may be cheaper than moving and buying a larger home. It also helps you to avoid the hassles involved with packing, hiring movers and unpacking. Home additions are less expensive and involve fewer hassles.

Benefits of a home addition for added luxury

You can add luxury to your home by adding on to your master bath. With a bathroom addition, you can add an infinity shower, added storage space, an oversized tub and other spa-like features.

Home additions for more natural light

Sunrooms are a good option to add sunlight to both the sunroom and the rooms surrounding it. These are often what homeowners visualize when they think about home additions.

Building a home addition is one way that you can turn your house into your dream home. They are less expensive than moving and may be cheaper than some remodeling projects. With their benefits, home additions are definitely an option for you to consider. To learn more about how we can help you with your home addition, call us today to schedule your appointment or stop by our showroom.

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