How to deep clean granite countertops

Granite countertops are pretty durable, resisting heat as well as normal wear and tear that could damage other countertop surfaces. When granite is properly sealed, it is also very easy to clean. Despite the fact that granite is pretty stain resistant, there are some substances that can leave stubborn stains, like coffee or oils. These tips can help you get your granite counters back to their original beautiful condition without causing further damage.

Sealant Differences

Before using any type of cleaner on your granite counters, you need to know what was used to seal the surface. Some granite has a resin treatment applied at the factory while others must be sealed periodically. The sealant’s purpose is to protect the granite, which is porous, from absorbing items that may get spilled on the surface. Check with the manufacturer to learn how your granite was sealed.

What Not to Do

Never use an acid-based cleaner on your granite surfaces. These include products with lemon, orange, vinegar or bleach. These types of cleaners can degrade the sealant and leave stains on your countertop. Never use abrasive cleaners such as scouring pads or grainy powdered cleaners as they can also damage the sealant.

Cleaning Granite

Daily cleaning of granite is simple as you just need to wipe the counter down with dish soap mixed with a small amount of warm water. Use a soft washrag and dry the surface with a hand towel. You can disinfect granite by mixing equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a spray bottle. Allow the solution to sit on the counter for two or three minutes and then wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Removing a Stubborn Stain

If you have a particularly stubborn stain, such as the cooking oil your spouse neglected to wipe up, create a paste of baking soda and water for an oil-based stain. If the stain is water-based, use hydrogen peroxide instead of water. Spread the paste over the stain, cover it and allow it to remain for several hours. Wipe away the residue and clean the area using a dab of dish soap on a soft wash cloth.

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