Can A Shelf Liner Really Extend the Life of Cabinets & Drawers?

You probably remember your mother or grandmother lining the shelves of their kitchen cabinets and drawers. If you asked them why, you probably got a variety of explanations, from protection of the shelving to avoiding food stains. It was just something that had always been done. However, if you have ever moved into a rental home or a home that had a previous owner who used shelf paper, you may recall pulling out old, gummy paper with crumbs and dirt, wondering why on Earth this stuff was necessary.

Extending the Life of Your Cabinets

Although your mother and grandmother may have thought shelf paper would extend the life of their cabinets, this is not exactly true. Shelf liners do keep the inside of your cabinets and drawers cleaner and more sanitary. They can protect your cabinets from damage that may occur when dishes have water on them from the dishwasher. They can also help you avoid the rings that can occur from oils left on the bottom of containers. However, a shelf liner needs its own attention in order to perform properly.

Avoid Sticky Versions

Sticky shelf liners can be difficult to remove and, if you have to scrape aggressively to remove it, you could cause significant damage to your cabinets. Dents, divots and scratches may be impossible to remove which would defeat the purpose of using the shelf paper to protect your cabinets. Instead, choose non-stick versions that remain in place but can be removed easily and washed.

Wash Your Cabinets

Whether you use shelf paper or not, you should clean your cabinets annually. If you do use shelf covering, remove them and wash them thoroughly. While the covering is removed, clean the cabinet and drawer shelves as well. Allow the coverings to dry completely before replacing them in the cabinet.

Choose Padded Options

Today, you can purchase shelf coverings that are slightly padded which reduces the noise of dishes being returned to the cabinet. They also provide added protection to your glassware and dishes, helping to avoid breakage should something be knocked over inside the cabinet.

Open Shelving Options

If you have open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets, consider lining the back of your cabinets as well. There are many stylish patterns available today that add a splash of color to your kitchen. Adding patterns can also create a sense of depth in your cabinets.

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