How to Find and Hire an Interior Designer

The average person does not have experience in interior design. Granted, everyone has certain interior design aspects that they like, such as a certain color or the layout of pictures on a wall. However, interior design can be daunting to most which is why they hire an interior designer. Unfortunately for many, knowing how to hire an interior designer can be as difficult as designing the interior itself. These tips can help you not only understand how to find an interior designer, but how to choose one as well.

What is an Interior Designer?

Before knowing how to hire an interior designer, you may need to know what, exactly, an interior designer does. It is estimate there are approximately 68,000 interior designers working in the United States. They do more than just select wall colors or find the perfect rug. An interior designer should understand how you plan to use the space and how the contours angles and proportions of the space match your particular style. Most designers work with a network of contractors, retailers and artisans. They also work in partnership with their clients, exchanging ideas about what the room will ultimately look like.

How to Find an Interior Designer

Finding an interior designer is similar to finding any contractor to work on your home. However, you want to be sure that the designer has National Council for Interior Design Qualification Certification. You can call the American Society of Interior Designers to get names from their database or contact local design schools who offer placement for graduates. If you know of a family member or friend who has used a designer, contact them. Charities often put together show houses where designers create rooms in their own style. These usually occur in the fall and can give you an idea of the talent of a wide range of designers.

Interview More than One Designer

The first step in how to find an interior designer is to interview several before choosing one. Ask about their education, experience and professional memberships. Ask what other services the designer provides and whether they will pick up or deliver items that are ordered. Learn what visuals will be provided, such as sample board with swatches, paint chips, drawings or computer-generated renderings. Ask how they prefer to communicate with you. Will it be text, email or telephone calls. You will also want to know how quickly they respond to messages.

Discuss Expectations

You want to tell them your expectations from the beginning. If you want to see a variety of options, you need to communicate that to the designer. If you want to provide input into their decisions, the designer will need to know that. There are some designers who prefer less client input than others, so if you want to be deeply involved, that designer may not be right for you.

Discuss Costs

Interior designers charge a wide range of prices. Some charge an hourly rate of $80 to $119 while others charge a flat fee for the entire project. Some designers charge a percentage of the overall cost of the project. If your project is estimated to cost $1,000, the designer may add an additional $200, or 20 percent, to the cost for their fee. You need to discuss cost with your designer in order to void unexpected costs in the future.

One of the biggest factors in how to hire an interior designer is to choose someone who you can get along with. You want to feel a spark of connection during the interview and you want a designer who will ask about your style, thoughts and dreams. If you are considering a decorating project, contact us today to learn more about interior design options. You can reach us by phone or complete the easy form online.

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