What to Consider When Planning Outdoor Patio Surfaces

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity. Some surround pools, fireplaces or hot tubs while others are simply a place to relax, enjoy an evening with friends or enjoy the great outdoors. Designing an outdoor living space can be exciting, but there are a few tips you need to keep in mind when choosing a surface for your outdoor patio surfaces.

Determine the Use for Your Space

Before you begin planning what materials to use in your outdoor patio, you need to know what your space will predominantly be used for. You want to choose different outdoor patio surfaces for cooking areas than you will for seating areas. Some surface materials could add attractive visual elements for a sitting area that could be impractical next to your barbecue grill. You can also use a surface design to determine traffic flow.

Style of Your Home

Choose an outdoor patio surface that works well with both the exterior and interior style of your home. An old-world style home works best with blended textures and colors. If your home has a more rustic style, choose colors in Earth tones like gray, green and rust mixed with splashes of orange or gold. Keep your landscape in mind as well when choosing your patio surface so that the patio blends well with the landscape.

Preparation is Key

It is critical that you prepare the area where your outdoor space will be, although this is a step that many homeowners neglect, leading to problems later. Be sure not to add to little base material and make sure it is adequately compacted. Failure to do so could lead to cracks, breaks or sunken areas. Consider drainage issues before you install your outdoor patio surface and try to incorporate water drainage options that reuse water runoff rather than sending it into a drain.

Quality Products

Price should not be the only determining factor in the products you choose for your outdoor patio surfaces. Lower cost products may not have as long of a life as higher priced products, so you need to factor in replacement costs as well. Consider climate and function as well. Tiles with low water absorption resist cracking during freezing temperatures. If you have a pool or hot tub, consider how slipper a surface will be when people are walking with wet feet.

Creating an outdoor patio can be fun and exciting, but you need to do significant planning and preparation to be sure your patio is appealing, durable and will provide a relaxing location for your friends and family. Learn more about patio surfaces by calling one of our friendly sales staff or completing the easy form online.

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