How To Add A Contemporary Vibe To A Home With History

Older homes offer unmatched charm, including quirky designs and elegant, original fixtures. When you find a historical home, you’ll most likely love almost every unique part about it. Traditional homes are often sophisticated but they can also pose some issues when you are wanting them to work for your modern needs.

You may need to update the exterior and the interior in order to modernize your historic home. Here are some ideas for bringing your home up to date.

Neutral and clean palettes

Many historic homes have smaller rooms and fewer open spaces. You’ll want to give them a lighter feel. An easy way to both maintain your home’s design features while also making it feel airier is to paint the walls with neutral colors. This can significantly brighten a room while also letting you show off the classical touches like a room’s exposed beams and banisters. On the outside of your home, using a bright and bold paint hue on your front door can add curb appeal while not changing your home’s features.

Add natural light

If your windows are small, you may want to add additional windows, install skylights or replace smaller windows with larger ones. People who have sufficient budgets and space may want to consider adding a sunroom to allow natural light to pour in. In areas like your bathroom or kitchen, adding skylights can bring in the natural light you want. Front rooms can use picture windows to allow the light inside and giving you an expanded view.

The added bonus of natural light is that you can save on your electric bill. Natural light will also mean that you will not need as many interior lights, which is great if your classic home isn’t equipped to add them.

Adding unexpected contrasts

Adding contrasting features in your rooms is a great way to modernize your home. You can pair such things as mixed metals for your faucets and drawer pulls. For example, you can use different metals for the pulls and the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Contrasting glossy and matte-finished materials also gives rooms a more modern feel. Your home can look and feel more contemporary while still maintaining the classic nature of your home.

It is possible to make your traditional home more modern with a few updates to the small details. For more ideas and to learn more about what we can do for you, call the professional designers at Flemington Granite today to schedule your consultation.

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