Can Countertops Have An Impact On Home Resale Value?

Even when people plan on keeping their home for a very long time, concerns about resale value always weigh heavily on most homeowners. A lot can change in the course of the day, let alone a lifetime, and one never knows when one might not need to convert an asset like a home into something a bit more liquid. So, at the very least, a well-maintained, high-value house is a wise investment.

The problem with this is, every decision you make about your home both interior and exterior, require you to weigh its effect on your home’s resale value should you choose to treat your home as the investment it is. One of the biggest quandaries in this vein would probably be the effect of countertops. How much of an effect do they have, and how severely needed our new countertops in order to ensure optimal resale value for your home?

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t an easy question to answer, and there is no single one right answer to it. There are a great many factors when dealing with countertops that can affect your home’s resale value, and today, were going to look at this from a logical, neutral point of view. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we’re confident that after we’ve gone over this, you’ll be a will to make an informed decision based on your specific scenario. At the end of the day, that’s all any of us can really do!

The State of Your Existing Countertops

Obviously, the biggest factor in deciding whether or not you need to replace your countertops state of your existing ones. This goes beyond just the shape that they’re in – of course, if your countertops are worn, beaten or degraded, it’s a given that they need to be replaced. No, the real question is, how versatile are they? Are they neutral, matching both old and new looks? Do they look dated?

A prime example would be an older house still adorned with gold flaked formica countertops; these of course being a very popular style in the 1970s and 1980s. Even if such countertops are in excellent condition, being so dated, still need to be replaced with something a bit more modern, or at least timeless and neutral.

Conversely, there are many styles of countertops not beholden to such trends. Many types of marble, quartz and granite can be very timeless, though in these cases, you’ll want to consult with someone with an expertise in stonework to determine which ones are neutral enough to present plenty of opportunity for buyers to easily redecorate the kitchen and bathroom without having to replace such an expensive feature.

Where Countertops Matter Most

There tend to be three places in your home or countertops are a common feature. These are your kitchen, bathroom and occasionally, your washroom. Of these three, the most important, the place where you’ll want to spend the most money to update, will be the kitchen. The kitchen is a social hub in a house, and one of the most memorable rooms therein that everyone will consistently see.
Buyers are much more forgiving of an outdated bathroom, which is something far more affordable for them to take on as a projects to update, then if the problem is your kitchen.

So, how much do new countertops impact your resale value? Quite significantly, depending on your existing countertops, when dealing with your kitchen. To learn more about this and other variables which your countertops can affect, fill out our contact form below or call us today!

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