Despite the fact that the average bathroom remodel costs around $12,000, you don’t need to spend that much to give your bathroom a fresh clean look. In fact, these simple ideas will allow you to update your bathroom in just one weekend. You don’t even need to have extensive do-it-yourself skills to accomplish them.

Scrub from Top to Bottom

It may seem like a simple thing, but a good cleaning of your bathroom can give it an updated look. Remove all curtains, shower curtains and decorations, giving them a good cleaning as well. Scrub light fixtures and any rusts or stains from shower curtain rods. If you have soap scum or hard water stains, do your best to remove them. Once you are finished, stand back and take inventory of the room. If there are areas you simply cannot get clean, like rust on a shower curtain rod, it is time to replace it. You may also discover while scrubbing that you need to recaulk the sink or tub surround.

Change the Walls

An easy way to update your bathroom is by changing your wall covering. You can choose a fun wallpaper designed specifically for bathrooms or choose to paint the room a bright, bold color. Want a truly unique look? Consider wainscoting designed for bathrooms rather than ceramic tile or other wall coverings. If you have tile walls that are chipped or cracked, replace the tile with a natural stone like slate or white ceramic tile that will remain relevant in the future.

Hardware and Vanity Changes

Sometimes, a simple change to the hardware in your bathroom can make all the difference. Update the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Even changing the towel rods and toilet paper holders can change the entire look of your bathroom. If your bathroom seems too cold, try adding warm fixtures like bronze faucets. If the vanity cannot be repainted or updated with hardware, you need to replace it. Many big-box hardware stores now carry prefabricated vanities that can be placed where the old vanity was fairly easily.

Lighting Updates

Add sconces on each side of the bathroom mirror or simply replace old, dated light fixtures for a quick uplift in your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have much wall space, a dangling pendant may be the best option. A chandelier is a great addition to a large bathroom and can highlight unique features, like loft ceilings or a clawfoot tub.

Choose the Right Accessories

A really simple way to update your bathroom over the weekend is to replace accessories like the soap pump, tissue box and decorative items. Install a new bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet. If you want to create a relaxing bathroom, add lush plants, baskets, vases or bowls filled with river petals and natural bathmats. Paint the walls in blue and white tones for an added feeling of relaxation.

Storage Spaces

There is no question that adding storage to a bathroom can be difficult as space is often limited. The answer is to find storage space in different locations. Place open shelves above the door or the toilet, placing baskets or small storage boxes on them for added space. If you do have space in your bathroom, consider adding a cart on wheels or a corner cabinet for additional storage space.

These are simple, easy things you can do over a weekend to give your bathroom a fresh new look. If you need ideas for your bathroom remodel, contact us today by filling out the easy form or give us a call to learn what options are available.

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