Need More Inspiration? Use Pinterest and Instagram

The social media experience has truly changed the way that we find new inspiration. It’s easy to get caught up browsing Instagram and Pinterest for hours at a time, but these outlets are a great place to find new design ideas around the house.

Using a simple hashtag can return thousands of results relevant to your interests from professionals and amateur artists and stylists. With nothing more than a smart device, you can begin using social media to gather tips from people in all parts of the world.

How Use Pinterest for Design Inspiration:

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• Use the Right Keywords The great thing about using Pinterest is that it’s guided by organization. You can easily create your own categorized boards to fill with ideas that you would like to incorporate into a future project. Search very specific keywords to find design and home improvement boards created by people with similar interests. There are some boards that allow other users to openly contribute and collaborate on a the same project.

• Take Advantage of Guided Search If you have never taken on a home renovation or you don’t really know where you would like to start, the guided search is going to help you tremendously. Begin by picking a search term that will generate some related categories that you can sift through. Tap on any results that grab your interest to start figuring out the right direction to move in. You might even find something completely new and unexpected just by taking the opportunity to see what is out there.

• Go Straight to the Source Smart companies understand the influence that social media marketing has on generating new business. Once you find some great inspiration ideas, you can check out the “pinners” that created the boards to find which companies you would like to follow.

How Use Instagram for Design Inspiration:

• Use the Right Hashtags
Social media is a two-way experience where everyone contributes to a large community, with images and videos being the driving force of Instagram. Not only can you get ideas from others, but searchers may find your contributions as their own source of inspiration. Anytime you upload a video tutorial or pictures of a successful design project, use the right hashtags to turn up in the searches. Feel free to include broader terms as well as very specific hashtags to reach the right audience.

• Take Advantage of Search Options
Get right into filtering relevant results by searching hashtags that break down images into categories. If you know what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to get very specific with the searches. There is also the option to find certain artists, designers, or companies that relate to interior design and home renovations.

• Follow the Source
You might be surprised to see that businesses often put a considerable effort into maintaining a social media presence. Designers, contractors, artists, and manufacturers post as often as daily to help consumers stay up to date with the latest industry trends and techniques.

Even if you do not know where to begin planning a home renovation project, designers using social media can help you get in touch with your own style. Connect with our Instagram and Pinterest accounts to stay up to date with fresh, inspiring design ideas.

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