Top Home Improvement Projects for $1000 or Less

Deciding to work within a strict $1,000 budget on home improvement projects is a smart way to avoid spending too much. Some of the easier projects are more affordable if you choose to do the work yourself, but keep in mind hiring a professional is not always an unnecessary expense. Check out our project ideas to get inspired to complete tasks that will not break the bank.

New Lighting Fixtures

A little money goes far when switching to more modern lighting fixtures. Check out the latest trends and pick a style that would look great with the existing decor. Larger fixtures, like a chandelier, is a luxurious touch that will make the kitchen seem more spacious. With the right lighting, it’s easy to make the room feel more cozy and inviting.

Redo the Entryway

There’s nothing like the great first impression made with an updated entryway into the home. Purchase a new door or buy a few basic materials to update the one already installed. If you save money keeping the original door, there will be more to spend on the exterior lighting, stylish house numbers, and charming potted plants.

Modernize Kitchen Features

A full remodel is not a cheap project, but it’s possible to add a few modern features to make the space more appealing. Pick a few easy, inexpensive projects that you feel comfortable completing on your own. New wall paint is easy, inexpensive, and it has the potential to change the entire feel of the room. Add some updated decor elements, like dishes and rugs, to match the updated color scheme. There should be plenty of budget left to re-tile the backsplash, change cabinet pulls, or even install a useful kitchen island.

Bathroom Updates

This small room is incredibly budget-friendly, especially if you avoid the most expensive options. Repainting, purchasing new linens, and getting a matching shower curtain can be done for very little. If the sink or toilet is outdated, look for a good price on discontinued or sale items. The key to bathroom projects is to pick projects that will make a major impact.

A Professional Cleaning

The cleaning products and devices that you use around the house do not accomplish the job the same as the heavy duty equipment used by professionals. Hire cleaners to refresh the carpets, windows, exterior walls, driveway, and any other walkways that could use a little extra freshness.

Add Wall Decor

Bare walls are boring, and it usually tricks the eye into believing that the rooms in your home are much smaller. Use open shelving, artwork, and framed mirrors to represent personal style and create a focal point.

Get Rid of Clutter

A lot of homeowners are guilty of holding onto items that they do not need and have no place to keep. Create a donation pile of unused items that are still in good shape, and hold onto items that have a designated space for containment. Organization brings out the natural beauty of your interior and it will be easier to locate miscellaneous items when needed.

If you want to start planning a home improvement project on a budget, give us a call to get professional advice and assistance.

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