Granite vs. Quartz_ Countertop Material Comparison

It’s not that easy to determine what countertop material is better than another, particularly when you’re comparing granite and quartz, but there are differences to take into account. When personal taste and economics come into play, there will always be varying preferences. So, just what are the comparisons and contrasts between these two materials, and which one takes top billing?

Durability and Strength

Granite – Because of granite’s wholly crystalline composition (holocrystalline), this interconnecting type of structure allows for an extremely durable composition, which also makes granite both scratch and heat resistant. All of these features give granite durability as well as a long and useful life.

Quartz – As quartz is more of a man made stone that means it consists up of over 90 percent natural quartz and about seven percent engineered resin material. This combination of materials makes quartz somewhat of a degree stronger that granite. Quartz is also resistant to scratches. In its long lasting strength, quartz should last many, many years.

Bacterial Resistance

When granite is sealed, bacteria is hindered from growing. As granite’s smooth surface is free of pores, surface bacteria, mold and other debris are unable to penetrate it, plus granite is naturally resistant to it. Sanitizing your granite countertops is simple with a regular, everyday routine that is thorough in eliminating not only mold and bacteria, but lingering smells.

Quartz is fabricated to not be porous. It is also a material resistant to bacteria. It is easy to clean with soap and tepid water. It seems that both sealed granite and quartz are easily maintained and sanitized.

Minimal Maintenance

As granite is resistant to stains and dirt, it is also durable and entails little maintenance. If repairs are necessary, which are rare, they can be completed fairly easily. Granite countertops do require sealing, at least once a year, in order for them to stay in tip-top shape.

Quartz is easy to maintain as well, as it is by nature resistant to bacteria. Unlike granite, quartz is literally maintenance-free as it does not require sealing and it is immune to everyday wear and tear. Over time, it will function and continue to appear in exceptional form for many years to come.

Diversity or Materials

Granite is a luxurious, unique and beautiful natural stone and is available in a number of different slab designs. It usually contains varying patterns that include flecks, specks, whorls, swirls and even veins. Colors also vary, such as blacks, grays and whites to oranges, reds and pinks. There are also browns, creams, golds, along with rich and royal blues and greens that provide elegance for most any countertop area.

As quartz is man-made and engineered, color enrichment is included in the fabrication process. Color and patterns are more uniform than granite and can usually be made to fit a choice of color schemes that integrate both color, texture and patterns. A homeowner can be part of the selection process when it comes to making a choice of color and pattern.


Generally speaking, granite is the more affordable of the two materials, as lesser quality granite is readily available at good prices. It can also be more of a custom product with a higher level features and prices, but it generally will be less expensive than quartz. Granite will continue to be a choice that many homeowners will prefer.

Quartz prices will depend on the companies that manufacture and distribute quartz. Quartz choices at mid-range levels are going to be a bit more expensive than their granite counterparts. Before deciding on quartz, or granite, particularly with pricing in mind, different factors need to be taken into consideration, such as overall costs for installation, any sealing costs and the full cost of the countertops, which will depend on the quality level chosen.

In looking at the comparisons given here for granite and quartz, it is evident that homeowners and other consumers need to determine what fits their budget, lifestyle needs and personal taste. If you are having trouble making that determination, complete the online contact form, and a representative will get back to you with the information you require to make a choice between granite or quartz. Odds are it won’t be that confusing or difficult.

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