It’s easy to fall in love with any granite selection, as the natural beauty of stone entices almost anyone, but Typhoon Bordeaux Granite just might trigger love at first sight. The elegance and rich color designs of this particular granite can accomplish that through its color and patterning merits alone. If you are artistically inclined, you will be enthralled with this bold and imaginative granite and what it can do for any kitchen countertop area, or most any other space for that matter.

Names and Origin

Like other specialized granite selections, Typhoon Bordeaux Granite has been labeled by several other names. Golden Typhoon Bordeaux and Sunset Cream define the gold veining that runs through the stone, which is part of its composition. The coloration occurs after a long duration of time due to everyday weathering and oxidation. Typhoon Bordeaux is also connected to a granite family comprised of Monte Carlo Bordeaux, Sienna Bordeaux and River Bordeaux.

Years and years of water and air worked synergistically to generate oxidation that would ultimately contribute to the unique appearance of Typhoon Bordeaux. Its color tones and dynamic presentation of lines, veining, patches and other patterns are replicated in slab presentations that match one another. This kind of fabrication process is indicative of this type of granite.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite originated in Brazil and is mined from bedrock there. It is a type of granite that is more difficult to find in the marketplace because of consumer demand and limited availability. In spite of difficulty procuring this stone, it is worth every effort to locate and use it to enrich a kitchen countertop area or a bathroom vanity.


The rich and striking color choices are what stimulate the love interest and attract homeowners to this type of granite. Deep and lush golds, and more neutral beige, creams, grays and whites give Typhoon Bordeaux its color base, while deep earth colored veins, patches, and splashes of color in deep browns, burgundies, reds, and even black provide the textural twists and turns that are whipped up in a stormy fashion with this type of granite.

Lighter colors, such as white, help to highlight, brighten and accentuate the swirls and veining in Typhoon Bordeaux Granite. White and lighter cream colored backgrounds uplift the darker veins, patches, ribbons and other patterns in the granite and create a luminous and polished look to the stone.

Finishing Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

To maintain the polished appearance of a Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, an epoxy resin finish is applied to the granite stone while it undergoes the polishing stage. Any pitting, blemishes, cracks and other cosmetic imperfections are filled and stabilized. Once the polishing and application process is completed, the stone will display noticeable contrasts in color changes and movement patterns, which are subtle variations that should be looked into before purchasing a completed slab.

Maintenance and Care

Another loving feature of Typhoon Bordeaux is its easy maintenance and care, which any homeowner loves to see in a countertop material. As a natural stone, Typhoon Bordeaux is resistant to scratches and will last indefinitely, and its everyday upkeep involves a few simple swipes with a cotton cloth, some tepid water and a small amount of dish detergent. Sealing will be required to maintain the beauty of this natural stone and increase its longevity and stability, which means at least scheduling a once a year sealing to ensure performance and long-life.

You should fall in love with all the remarkable features that Typhoon Bordeaux Granite offers, particularly if you want a kitchen area or other space to come alive with both color and motion. Amazing and breathtaking colors in this type of granite and the patterns created can entice anyone, but if you want further information as to how Typhoon Bordeaux is going to look and fit in with your lifestyle, complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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