Blue can evoke all kinds of meanings, from variations on the color itself, to down in the dumps moods and off-color comedy, and the proverbial, “it’s my favorite color,” but actually Blue Granite is a whole other entity that can bring beauty and serenity to a space, like no other color can.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider Blue Granite for your kitchen, with one of them being the durability of granite. It’s a long lasting natural stone that is easily maintained, and it retains its luxurious and rich appearance indefinitely. It’s simply a quality stone and when you think of blue, and the various hues represented in granite pieces, you’ll understand how that color can transform a kitchen or any other area into a calm, cool and collected environment.

Blue Granite Choices

The latest in high quality blue granite includes choices such as Blue Pearl granite, Polar Blue granite and Blue Bahia granite.

Blue Pearl

This type of granite is predominately mined in Norway and can be more expensive than say blue pearl granite quarried in India. The brightest of blue pieces will be more costly while blue pearl slabs that may contain shades of gray, beige, and blue will be less intense in color and less expensive.

Blue Pearl is considered a more unconventional blue that contains hints of silver and pearl, which provide both a luminescent and metallic appearance to a blue pearl slab. White cabinetry and stainless steel fixtures and appliances will enhances blue pearl, but most any combination of cabinets and fixtures will integrate well with this color of granite.

Polar Blue

Polar Blue granite is characterized by more of a navy blue color that contains flecks of gray and a lighter blue color. Slabs can almost appear black when they are viewed from a distance. Polar blue can also contain a pearl-like luster that adds even further to the disbursement of color throughout the stone. Mineral deposits deep within the granite cause this effect. Though some would view Polar Blue as too dark, it is still is elegant and rich in a way that allows for arrangement with most any kitchen design and style.

Blue Bahia

Beautiful, blue Bahia is the lightest and most costly of the blue granite choices. It contains marbling effects within a slab that can run the gamut from navy and sky blue to added dabs of brown and white, plus it can take on a different appearance with lighting changes. It is highly sought after and has the same features and benefits of other granite, such as resistance to heat and a simple maintenance routine. Blue Bahia coordinates well with most any color scheme and is adaptable to a coastal, seaside, nautical or updated cottage themed kitchen.

Blue granite can change the entire look of a kitchen space, bathroom area or other interior or exterior area of a home and if you are looking for an upgrades to more neutral areas of your home, or want to follow a trend, consider what blue granite can do to improve the appearance of your kitchen. If you just have questions about blue granite, or want more extensive information, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the answers you need.

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