What Color Quartz Countertops Match With Oak Cabinets?

So you have oak cabinets that are in good condition, and you are aware that they are dated in the decorative sense, but you believe you can achieve a new and modern look with a change in countertops. Your sturdy and reliable oak cabinets can remain in place for years to come with a quartz countertop selection that will enrich your cabinets.

You like the advantages of quartz in its durability, easy maintenance and available color choices, but you are at a standstill as to just what color will best coordinate with or match your oak cabinets. This information will guide you in the right direction.

Compatible Matches

Well, all is not lost, as there are compatible matches that can bring a new look to your kitchen area and enhance your oak cabinets.

With the current rage in quartz countertops, there are a number of color choices that will bring out the richness of your oak cabinets without them disappearing into the background or taking on a dull or blah appearance. Just what colors of quartz will prevent that from happening?

It’s as simple as finding the right samples in pictures or actual samples to bring home with you and place next to your cabinets, backsplash and painted walls. From there, you can narrow it down to a possible two or three and decide which one best compliments the entire kitchen space.

Quartz Color Choices

Whether dark, light or in-between, there are quartz choices that can clearly enrich oak cabinets and modernize them. The choices can be either light or dark in color with just the right textural aspects to pick up on the tone of the cabinets. Of course, if any type of back splash choices come into play, they can also provide further color intensity and texture, plus bring out the rich tones of the wood and, the same time, highlight the countertops.

Lighter Selections

There are numerous choices in lighter quartz color selections, and there are examples through Silestone quartz selections that would coordinate with oak cabinets, and they include:

Mid-range to Darker Selections

Mid-range to darker quartz examples that could coordinate with oak cabinets are also from Silestone selections, and include:

Darker Selections

More intense and darker examples that would highlight and complement the lighter tones of oak cabinets can be found in other choices from Silestone, and include:

Making decisions on what quartz countertop choices are going to blend or match oak cabinets doesn’t have to be a complicated process, particularly when you have samples in front of you to mix and match in a kitchen area. If indecision still has you in a dither, complete the online contact form and a service representative will get back with you to help you in your search for a color that is going to enhance your oak cabinets.

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