Do Quartz Countertops Emit Radon?

The radon scare has been an on and off hot subject of contention for some time. Homeowners with quartz countertops may or may not be aware of what radon is and how it can affect specific areas of a home, but many new or older homes are often tested for it through a home inspector or individual home radon test kits to help alleviate the worries associated with it.

What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that has no odor or color and comes from naturally decaying radioactive materials, like uranium. It is detected in soil and rock samples found in the ground, and it can be both present in the indoors and outdoors, which links it to minerals or rocks, or natural stone materials that are used in countertop products.

When radon is found in the soil, it can disperse in small amounts within the air and into water sources such as rivers and lakes. Higher levels can be found in underground water sources, like wells and in the air of houses and buildings. Water sources and air can also be tested for any kind of radon activity.

EPA Conclusion

As far as a radon scare with quartz countertops is concerned, homeowners that already have quartz countertops, or are thinking about installing them, and are worried about the possibilities of radon penetration, should consider a professional inspection or use of a home radon testing kit to be assured of the safety of their countertops.

Homeowner worries can be soothed as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been forthright in their research, testing and conclusions as to any safety risks with quartz stone materials and quartz countertops. They have concluded that quartz countertops present little to no risk to homes or other environments that contain them.

Future Studies

There are no future plans by the EPA for any continued studies concerning quartz countertops and their possible connection to radon, but the agency does advise and recommend that homeowners and businesses arrange for private inspections and testing if homeowner worries continue to be an ongoing problem or concern.

Though quartz countertop materials have been given a clean bill of health, there may be additional questions that affect you as a home or business owner. Simply complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the information you need to ease your concerns with the testing, installation and use of quartz countertops in your home or business.

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