Cambria 101: Everything You Should Know

Cambria quartz countertops combine durability and stain resistance with beauty to give you a countertop that is safe for food preparation while giving you the look you want in your kitchen. They are virtually maintenance free and available in a wide range of styles. If you are considering Cambria for your kitchen, here is everything you need to know to make the best choice.

What is Cambria?

Cambria is created from natural quartz, one of the hardest materials on Earth. Granite contains about 40 to 60 percent quartz with the rest of the stone made from softer minerals and impurities. Quartz is extremely strong and, once the counters are manufactured, they are considered an organic stone product. Because the stone is reinforced with polymers, the counters are actually stronger than the stone used to create them.

Many Color Options

One of the benefits of Cambria is that it is available in a wide range of colors. Unlike other types of stone, you can actually get solid color countertops which can be an excellent design tool. When a light solid color is used in a small room, it can make the room feel larger while a dark solid color in a large room can make the room feel smaller. Solid white is light and airy, giving the room a cooler feeling. Medium tones give the room a more traditional feel while rich, dark colors look more exotic.

Countertop Styles

When you choose other types of natural stone, you are limited in colors to what nature can create. With Cambria, you can choose from many other options as well. Because the counters are manufactured, each slab looks the same so if you have a large kitchen, the counters appear more uniform. Despite the fact that the counters are manufactured, the veining and patterns can mimic the look of marble or granite.

Not Just for Kitchens

It is important to note that Cambria is not just for your kitchen. It can be used to create a stunning fireplace surround or as accents in a built-in unit in your family room. Use the counters as a desktop in your office or create a stunning cabinet in your foyer with a curved, bevel-edged Cambria top. Add a vase of fresh-cut flowers and your visitors will feel welcome as they enter your home.

Comparing Cambria to Granite

Cambria is much stronger than granite with a density test rate of about 2.65 (t/m3) while granite does not appear on the scale. Cambria has a 25-year lifetime warranty while most granite countertops have only a 10-year warranty. Homeowners are also warned about heat and collision damage with granite. You do not have to have the countertop sealed periodically as you do with granite. Cambria is available in more than 120 colors while granite is limited to colors that can be created in nature. Cambria is engineered to be safe for the environment. It has received the GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification as a low-emitting product while granite has not been rated by GreenGuard.

If you are considering Cambria countertops for your home remodel, call us today or fill out the easy form online to speak to a customer service representative.

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