Buyer’s Guide Engineered Stone Countertops

Making environmentally sensitive choices is an effort that most Americans care about these days. Engineered stone countertops are Eco-friendly, hygienic, low-maintenance, versatile, and incredibly attractive. It is the ideal choice for almost any setting that could use a touch of elegance and unique style.

Which products make a great countertop surface?

Kitchen countertops of engineered stone are designed to stand up to the high-wear of such an installation. Acid-resistant and durable engineered stone brands that we are proud to carry and recommend include Cambria, Marble Systems, Caesartone, and Silestone. As long as the surface is nonporous, it will never stain, crack, mold, or scratch, even if it is used in a frequently humid bathroom.

What are the primary characteristics of engineered stone?

Beauty is one of the first things that people notice about any slab of engineered stone. It is incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to almost any type of damage. The surface cannot accumulate mold or bacteria because is it completely non-absorbent and easy to clean. Heat-resistance makes it ideal for any application, even if it is near a hot stove or fireplace.

characteristics of engineered stone

What are some advantages to using these products?

Colors and styles vary so greatly in the engineered stone products that it can mimic the appearance of natural stone. Anyone that appreciates the appearance of delicate marble or limestone can own the look with the addition of strength offered in engineered stone. Avoiding the use of natural resources protects the environment, and manufactured products actually use recycled materials in production. Installation is very simple if you hire a contractor that is familiar with handling the product.

  • Color: Dozens of colors are available, and quartz offers one clear benefit over natural stone: more options than nature alone can provide.Just consider shades like apple martini green or funky crocodile-print surfaces. Colors range from quietly traditional to ultra hip.

Are there any negative aspects to choosing engineered stone?

It’s tough to find any downside when it comes to such a versatile option, but it can be difficult to create smooth curves. Otherwise, there is almost no limit to the applications possible with the help of an experienced contractor. Unless you are determined to have authentic natural stone inside your home, there is no reason not to choose an engineered product.

  • Practicality: One of the most practical options for busy baths, quartz stands up to staining, heat and scratching. Unlike natural stone, it never requires sealing.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect slab of engineered stone that suits your taste in color and texture options. Work with a manufacturer that not only understands engineered stone, but offers an entire showroom of different options for you to choose from. Provide your information through our contact form so that we can set up an appointment soon.

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