8 Secret Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is a staple of the modern kitchen design because it is equally functional and decorative. It makes sense to protect the wall from cooking and cleaning stains while featuring a stylish accent that is visually appealing. Material options are not limited to traditional ceramic tiles with the increasing popularity of less common designs. Step up the personal touches in the kitchen by featuring a stunning backsplash design that reflects personal style and creativity.

Laser-cut tile
Frequently created with quartz or marble, intricate tiles that are cut into elaborate designs fit together perfectly for an exquisite design.

Diagonal tile
The sleek design created by placing diamond-shaped tiles creates a clean finish for homeowners that prefer a basic style. It is worth noting that the construction is more complex when fitting the top and bottom pieces correctly, and the installer will likely charge a higher fee.

Bold pattern tile

Bold pattern tile
Covering a large wall with wallpaper is such an outdated design solution, but tile featuring a large pattern is an elegant alternative. Overscale patterns are easy to match and repeat to suit any size wall in need of a backsplash.

Subway tile
The classic design of the tile often used in subway stations will never go out of style. Materials are easy to set to cover a small area behind a sink or extending all the way to the ceiling.

Kitchen Backsplash

Herringbone tile
Laying out individual pieces of texturally stimulating herringbone pattern tiles seems extremely tedious, but it is possible to skip the hassle by ordering materials already set on a piece of backing material.

Industrial Chic
Rustic meets contemporary in a marriage of sheer sophistication with this style. Envision textured surfaces arranged with clean lines that demand the admiration of anyone that enters the room.

Specialty-shaped tile

Specialty-shaped tile
It’s easy to work with simple squares, but there is no limit when working with a skilled manufacturer that is willing to work with specific shape and color preferences.

Custom mosaic tile
Manufacturers offer a selection of mosaic designs, but imagine the possibilities of a custom piece created and installed by an actual artist.

This is only a sample of the unique material options that could be used to create a custom backsplash design. Many homeowners view this feature as a final touch, but we believe that an inspired vision can make it the focal point of the entire room. It only takes a moment to fill out the contact form so that we can begin collaborating on a truly unique design.

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