After Your Bathroom Remodel, Extra Things You Can Do


The completion of a bathroom remodel provides new opportunities to add luxury to the necessary space. Think of it as a sanctuary that you can turn to for a private escape from the rest of the family and other stresses of the day.

High-end features are not the only solution if you want to make your escape more comfortable and accommodating. Add the following finishing touches to your room by starting with a few of these ideas.

Invest in New Towels

It’s perfectly acceptable in your younger years of adulthood to have a collection of thin, mismatched towels. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to choose a set of plush towels that are nice to look at and soft to the touch.

You can find plenty of cozy, inexpensive options that complement the color scheme of the room.

Add a Towel Warmer

While on the subject of towels, consider installing an inexpensive warmer to give you a bit of extra comfort on those cold mornings.

It’s unpleasant to exit a warm shower and immediately catch a chill across your body. A towel warmer is going to provide the heat that you need, with some models carrying a reasonable pricetag of less than $100.

Upgrade the Shower head

If your family uses the shower more frequently than the bathtub, a new shower head is going to prove itself worth the investment.

Consider the major difference a nice shower head will make compared to the old low-pressure model you are using currently. There are so many easy-install options, including a handheld attachment, a double head, gentle overhead rain, or a multi-setting massage unit.

Implement Seating

If your room has adequate free space for a bench or chair, it will give you more opportunity to enjoy the privacy. You might desire a designated spot where you can sit down to remove your shoes and socks.

If you already have a radio or television installed, seating is going to make it more comfortable to enjoy listening to the morning news or catching a show without interruption.

Eliminate the Annoyance of Mirror Fog

You probably find yourself constantly battling mirror fog after exiting a warm shower. This constant nuisance is easy to remedy with the addition of a small heater installed behind the actual mirror.

Switch it on before the shower so that you can enjoy a clear view of yourself without the need to keep wiping and squinting.

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