How Thick Should Your Natural Stone Countertops Be

When people choose natural stone as their countertop material, they often wonder how to decide the appropriate thickness of the slabs for their projects. At Flemington Granite, all of our stones come in slabs that are 3 centimeters thick. We also have slabs that are 2 centimeters thick available as well. Slabs of both thicknesses have their own advantages, and if properly cared for, either will do well. You’ll want to understand how the two thicknesses will work so that you can select the one that is best for you.

Because a stone slab that is 3 centimeters thick is stronger, we recommend that you choose it over one that is 2 centimeters thick, especially if the area in which you want to install it is one that receives a lot of traffic. Softer stones such as marble or limestone should be chosen in thicker slabs to increase the durability of your finished countertops in bathrooms. Granite countertops that are 3 centimeters thick can last for your lifetime if you make certain to maintain them properly.

Some sellers and installers of natural stone will offer 2-centimeter slabs that have mitered edges in order to give the illusion that the slab is thicker than it is. Mitered edges need to have multiple seams, limiting the variety of edge profile styles that are available. It is also much weaker than choosing a 3-centimeter thickness. Although 2-centimeter stone slabs may initially cost less, they may end up costing more in the long run because of needed repairs in the future.

Many companies also offer laminate countertops. These are made of extremely thin layers of stone attached to pieces of wood. This is obviously significantly weaker and less durable than solid natural stone slabs and limits your stylistic choices as well. With laminate countertops, you will not be able to have curved edges. This means that all of your countertop corners will need to be pointed, making them unsightly and potentially dangerous. Laminate countertops are also limited in the color options you would have, and the wood can warp as time passes.

2-centimeter slabs are great choices for decorative purposes on coffee tables, fireplace surrounds, frames and shelves. At that thickness, the stone will give you the aesthetic beauty that you want at a cheaper price and at a lesser weight. This makes the thinner slabs a good choice if you are someone who would like to improve your decor at a less expensive price.

Here are the types of projects for which a 3-centimeter slab would be the better choice:

● Countertops in your kitchen
● Bathroom counters and vanities
● Kitchen tables
● Desktops
● Stations for grilling

Here are the types of projects for which a 2-centimeter slab would be perfect:

● Cutting boards
● Coffee tables
● Picture frames
● Fireplace surrounds
● Shower seats

At Flemington Granite, we can also offer you a custom 6-centimeter thick granite or marble countertop. This can be used to complete any project you desire. You’ll want to check with our professionals to make certain that it will work for both you and your budget, however. No matter what the thickness of natural stone slabs you choose, you will receive a beautiful and classic result. These countertops can last for generations. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the variety of natural stone choices we can offer for your renovation project.

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