7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Renovation

When you are preparing to renovate a room or your home, there are a number of things you should think about before starting it. Even if you plan to use professionals for the job, planning ahead can help the project go more smoothly.

Here are seven things you need to consider before embarking on your home renovation project.

Figure Out What Your Goals Are and What Inspires You

You should start by thinking about what your goals are for your renovation. Picture the completed renovation project in your mind, and determine what it is you are wanting to achieve.

You should also think about what inspires you and then allow those inspirations and goals to guide the project.

Think About Your Space and Its Features

The next thing you should consider is the space you’ll be renovating and any significant features that make it unique. You can then incorporate those features into your overall design plan.

You should think about incorporating such things as light streaming in through a window or a beautiful view of your lawn to maximize the project’s potential.

Think About Your Budget

Obviously, thinking about the amount you plan to spend on your renovation is important. It is equally important for you to think about the time you plan to budget for the project as well. You will need to clearly communicate both to the professionals who will be helping you.

You should have a conversation about both what you need out of the renovation as well as what you want. Then, you can always move funds from one area of the project to another if necessary.


Finishes can add that extra touch to really show your personality in your renovation. If you plan to get rid of carpeting and install wood or other flooring, you’ll want to think about the look you are wanting to achieve.

For wood flooring, you’ll want to decide whether you want to purchase and install flooring that has already been prefinished or if you will instead have your team finish it after it’s installed in your home. If you plan to finish it after its installed, remember it will take about a week before it can stand up to traffic, meaning it might slow down your renovation project.

For tile or natural stone floors, you’ll want to decide the type of material you want to use, its finish and its color.


If you are replacing your furniture items, it’s best to choose pieces that are durable and classic so they will stand up to the test of time. It’s best to not buy trendy items, as they will go out of style. You can instead be trendy with the accessories you choose if you want to make a statement.

Think about using pictures, fine cloth, cushions and other such items to complement the look you are wanting to achieve.

If you choose to purchase a very expensive item, you can choose to make it the focus piece of your room. For example, choosing a beautiful clawfoot tub for your bathroom will draw the eye, as will going with delicately-veined and gleaming marble countertops or floors.

Think About Your Personal Privacy

When scheduling your project, you need to think about the times when you will want some privacy for taking showers, getting ready for work and other things. You might want to place room dividers in your home so you can have some time to yourself even when the workers are there.

If your master bathroom is being renovated, make certain to move the items you will need to your guest bathroom for the renovation period.

Gather Your Important Items Together

Gathering the things you use the most together can help significantly. During a renovation project, it may seem very difficult to find the things you need when you need them. Set up an area you can use for your keys, chargers, cell phones, mail and other such items so you can find them easily.

When you are ready to start your renovation project, contact us today. Our professional designers will be happy to schedule an appointment so we can help you plan a beautiful new space for your home.

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