10 Home Improvement Tricks That Work Every Time!

When you were younger, you probably thought about how your grandparents worked to scrimp and save every penny with amusement. Now as an adult, you likely understand why they did so, and you are most likely looking for ways to reduce your own expenses.

There are multiple ways you can save money by making simple home improvement fixes that will save you money.

Here are 10 things you can do.

1. Shorten your dryer vent hose

When your dryer vent is free of obstructions and shorter, your dryer will run with greater efficiency. After disconnecting the hose, use your vacuum cleaner to clean it out. Then, cut the hose to a length that is only long enough for you to be able to pull your dryer a couple of feet away from the wall.

Cost: Free.
Savings: You will save around $25 yearly on your electricity, gas or propane use. Plus, your clothing will dry a lot faster.

2. Close closet doors to lower the square footage you’re heating (and cooling).

Keeping your closet doors closed helps to lower your heating and cooling expenses. If they are located along the exterior walls of your home, closing them also helps to provide an additional layer of insulation, further reducing your energy bills. Shuttering closets along exterior walls also helps to insulate the house.

Cost: Free
Savings: You will save up to $50 annually on your energy costs by closing your closets.

3. Choose one neutral trim paint

When you are renovating or updating your home, try going with one primary neutral color for your trim throughout your house. This can save you a lot of money over choosing different colors for each room.

Cost: The cost will be the cost of the neutral paint you choose.
Savings: You will save as much as $50 if you are painting three rooms.

4. Sign up for your utility’s time-of-use plan

Check with your local utility provider and ask if they offer discount plans in exchange for your reducing your use of electricity during peak demand periods. Many power companies offer these plans.

Cost: You might have to set the thermostat higher or lower during certain times and complete tasks requiring electrical use at night.
Savings: Depending on the time of the year, these plans may offer you savings of as much as between $25 and $50 each month.

5. Replace central air-conditioning filters

During the summer, replace your air-conditioning filters every month. This will help your central air unit to function more efficiently while also reducing the amount of work the blower motor has to do.

Cost: It will cost you around $11 to purchase three filters.
Savings: Over the summer, you will save around $40 from your cooling costs.

6. Install dimmer switches and use energy-efficient halogen bulbs

Using dimmer switches along with halogen bulbs can save you money while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Cost: You can purchase dimmer switches for around $10 for each switch at many home improvement stores. Halogen bulbs will cost you around $5 apiece.
Savings: Over a three-year period, you will reap savings of around $20 per fixture. You’ll also save money spent on light bulbs, as halogen bulbs outlast incandescent bulbs.

7. Install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can help you reduce your heating and cooling bills. When it is cold outside, you can spin the fan clockwise at the lowest speed. This helps to bring down the warmth that naturally rises upward. During the summer, changing the direction will make you feel cooler so you don’t need to set the thermostat as low as you might otherwise.

Cost: You can expect to spend about $200 for a new ceiling fan.
Savings: Your savings for heating and cooling will be up to $100 each year.

8. Install a shower timer

If you have children, installing a time for the shower will help keep your water and gas or electricity bills in check. You can limit their shower times to 5, 8 or 11 minutes.

Cost: You can purchase a shower timer for around $115.
Savings: You could save up to $200 a year.

9. Do your own energy audit

You can purchase a thermal leak detector and then use it to find areas in which your insulation is weak, such as around electrical switch plates, outlet covers and around your doors and windows. Then, you can install foam gaskets or weather stripping in the areas in which you have energy leaks.

Cost: Leak detectors cost around $40.
Savings: By blocking areas where you are leaking heat or air, you can save more than $160 every year.

10. Schedule a furnace or boiler tune-up

To increase the efficiency of your furnace, hire a professional each year to conduct maintenance on your furnace.

Cost: This will cost between $100 to $150.
Savings: You will save about $200 annually by doing this.

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