10 essential elements you'll find in luxury homes today

If you want to have a luxurious home, that means that you want something extravagant rather than simply having a home that is well….average. When you think about luxury homes, you probably imagine such things as saunas, swimming pools, tennis courts, fully stocked kitchens and indoor gyms. When luxury buyers are looking to purchase a new home, there are a number of different features they tend to search for. Here is an ordered list of 10 ideas of how you can add some similar features that cost much less than some of the expensive features affluent buyers look for in homes.

1. Open up your floor plan to add character

In a 2013 study completed by Coldwell Banker, survey respondents said that they look for grand entryways with open floor plans and two-story staircases.

2. Think high-tech

Technological innovations are increasingly popular for homeowners. Builders who add technological features to their homes are consistently at the top of their industry.

You can install wireless automation devices in your home. These can allow you to remotely unlock your doors, adjust the lights, adjust the temperature and set your alarm system with a simple touch of a button on your smartphone.

3. Add a wine cellar and warming drawers

Luxury buyers love fully-stocked, beautiful kitchens that are replete with smart features. According to Forbes Magazine, a commercial-grade kitchen is a must-have for luxurious homes. Your kitchen should include plenty of storage options, great appliances, a wine refrigerator and warming drawers. A walk-in pantry is a terrific addition.

4. Adding outdoor cooking and swimming spaces

Affluent homebuyers love outdoor cooking spaces and kitchens where they can entertain guests. The ideal outdoor kitchen should include an expanse of stone patio flooring with seating areas, a small refrigerator, a stainless steel food preparation station with a sink and a built-in gas grill.

If you are able to add a changing cabana, hot tub and a beautiful pool, all of these are near the top of the wish list for the wealthy set. Water features including waterfalls and privacy are important.

5. The home’s location is a key consideration for the affluent

No matter what a person’s socioeconomic status may be, every buyer wants to carve out their own space. Having a tree-lined property with plenty of space that is also private is highly desirable. A feeling of exclusivity in which people can relax is very important to wealthy homebuyers.

6. Having rooms for gaming and viewing movies

Theater rooms and rooms devoted to games are classic features wealthier people look for in prospective homes. Having home bars, areas for liquor storage and even such areas as indoor pools or racquetball courts are all features that are highly desired by the affluent.

7. Bathrooms that resemble spas

Luxurious homes have luxurious bathrooms. Recreating the feeling of opulence found at world-class spas is important. These types of bathrooms have features such as infinity showers with multiple shower jets, radiant-heat flooring, soaker tubs and towel warmers.

8. In-home gyms

Who likes to exercise in front of strangers? Most people prefer to get sweaty in the privacy of their own homes, which makes adding an in-home gym a smart and desirable thing to do. You would need space for equipment, weights, televisions, built-in speakers and, if it is possible, an indoor lap pool and a sauna.

9. Sleeping quarters that seem befitting of royalty

Many hours of every day are spent in the bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should be a large room with a California king bed, plenty of seating and great storage options. Adding technology such as automated systems for climate control, lighting and security are also a must.

10. A dressing room that is connected to the bedroom

Having a large dressing room that is connected to the bedroom is a must for many wealthy men and women. This would ideally have cedar shelves lining the walls, display racks for neckties, purses and shoes and great lighting and mirrors for applying makeup and inspecting how you look in an outfit.

Of course, the idea of style and luxury varies from person to person. By updating your home with the most modern technological features and amenities, you can still attain your own version of luxury.

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