What Are Dovetail Drawers?

Drawers, well, just seem like drawers, but when it comes to specialization there are drawers that can make putting things in them a whole lot easier, and dovetail drawers can do that. So, what are dovetail drawers, and what are their advantages versus an ordinary, everyday drawer?

Dovetail Drawers

A dovetail drawer is designed and structured in a particular way. The actual drawer compartment is solid wood and the joints that secure the sides of the drawer are called dovetail joints because they look like puzzle pieces or blocks of wood. They have been joined at right angles at the outside corners of the drawer. They are also referred to as locking joints as they are wedge-shaped and cut into the wood in a channel like fashion. They interlock with one another on both sides of the drawer, which creates a box like effect. The wedge pieces are identified as tails or pins as they create a strong joint which is impervious to force.

Benefits of Dovetail Drawers

The benefits of dovetail drawers are literally in their joint construction, as they provide increased storage space as well as an overall stronger drawer. There is limited to no breakage with dovetail drawers. Even if the actual drawer area itself is broken or damaged, the joints almost always remain intact. The actual surface of the joint is large enough to accommodate additional glue, and the glue itself has greater strengthening capacity than the wood, which further strengthens the joint.

Strength, storage and superior craftsmanship are the beneficial aspects of dovetail drawers. The detailed and seamless precision that goes into the creation of a dovetail drawer brings it to a level of luxury that is associated with the highest of standards in craftsmanship. The smooth operation and looks of dovetail drawers delegate them to a position above other drawer designs and styles.

Benefits of Dovetail Drawers

Types of Dovetail Drawers

English Dovetail

An English dovetail drawer design offers a larger capacity of storage area on almost any type of furniture, because the joint is positioned at the exact edge of the wood. This placement allows for the added space within the drawer. The English dovetail design is more consistently found in finer furniture as it presents a more attractive and finished look, and is simply stronger.

French Dovetail

A French dovetail drawer greatly differs from the English design, as it is geared towards specialty furniture items, particularly those pieces with curved style drawers and more delicate pieces. French dovetail joints have a different construction technique that involves the side of the drawer being placed in a more upward position, with an elongated groove at the front of the drawer. Rather than the tight construction of a number of wood blocks or wedges, the French dovetail consists of channels that are cut in boards and the drawer or drawers fit in these channels. The design is not as sturdy as an English dovetail, as the drawer’s stability rests on the narrow edges of wood that go into the channel. In addition, when the joints are constructed this way, they have to come in quite a ways in from the corners of the wood, which causes the drawers to be narrower and lacking in depth.

Sliding Dovetail

A sliding dovetail joint is simply another definition of most any dovetail joint, as there are two pieces of wood fabricated in such a way as to have equivalent sections that slide or come together. So any dovetail drawer is going to have sliding dovetail joints. For example, the French dovetail is considered a sliding joint as it does slide together to make a drawer connection.

Dovetail drawers definitely have their advantages, but if you are unsure exactly how these drawers are fabricated or how they operate, or are undecided as to what type of drawer you need in a furniture selection, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with answers you need regarding dovetail drawers. If you are looking for strength, storage and craftsmanship qualities, dovetail design selections are a way of realizing all three.

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