Types Of Black Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

There are different types of black countertops for your kitchen and they are not all necessarily fabricated from granite. In addition to granite, there may be similar stones involved like basalt, grabbro and others which have features that are like granite. These different stone types just happen to be grouped under the generalized label of black granite.

So, where does black granite fit in the picture? Like any other stone, it is put through a process once it is cut. The finishing is the trick as there are options with either a polished, sleek and shiny appearance or a more honed or matte finish.

Honed Granite

Black granite in a honed finish does not go through the buffing and polishing procedure that traditional polished granite does. Its surface is left with a satin or flatter finish that projects a more relaxed effect, yet still radiates elegance; however, there will be imperfections with a honed finish, but those flaws will bring out the understated textures and colors of the piece, which many homeowners feel are the distinguishing and appealing features of honed granite.

Polished Granite

Polished black granite goes through a buffing and polishing procedure that produces a mirrored effect that gives countertops a clean and shiny appearance. The granite is further enhanced by the natural particles within the stone that are visible and attractive in appearance. It provides a clean and traditional look that has graced kitchen countertops for a number of years.

In contrast to honed granite, the polishing procedure allows a granite piece to be sealed, which makes the surface easier to maintain, plus resistant to stains. Polished granite surfaces can better accommodate continual use and the daily wear and tear of life in the kitchen, and when the surfaces have been appropriately sealed, any kind of wear is minimized.

Black Granite Selections

There are a number of black granite types and a few that are currently grabbing the attention of homeowners include:

– Black Galaxy is actually a gabbro material from India, which is consistently black with sparkling mineral effects. It can easily smudge but its rich and glorious dark colors offset any maintenance issues.

– Black Pearl has luster and shimmer that reflect the beauty of a real pearl. Elements of various colors, particularly black, gold and gray, give this durable granite piece the nod for either interior or exterior use in a home, and it can be fabricated in a number of finishes.

– Absolute Black granite is another beautiful and elegant selection from India. It is true and consistently black in its color and texture and is a perfect interior or exterior choice for countertop or flooring use.

– Agatha Black – Though bold and magnificent, Agatha Black has white, wave-like veins running through it which adds a textural aspect and richness of this black granite selection. It, too, can be utilized in or outdoors and is stable enough for business use.

– Impala Black hails from South Africa and its patterns and shades of gray and black make it a perfect selection for interior or exterior use. Whether its kitchen countertops, walls, flooring or outdoor projects, this durable black granite choice will coordinate with most any home project.

With the numerous choices in black granite countertops, there is no reason to not find one that suits your taste and needs, but if you have questions concerning black granite types and styles, or just questions in general, complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the answers you need.

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