How To Choose The Best Height For Your Granite Backsplash

Your granite countertops can be enhanced with a backsplash that is an extension of your granite countertop slab. A uniform and consistent look can be achieved with the expansion of a backsplash area, plus the eye is drawn from the starting point of the countertop up to the backsplash area, which creates an important focal point in a kitchen. The look enriches the granite and the overall space.

Backsplash Materials and Installation

If you are installing granite countertops in your kitchen and want to take advantage of further utilization of the granite slab for a backsplash, you can simply use additional materials from your countertop slab, as they will be approximately the same thickness, which usually is coordinated with a shorter or standard backsplash selection.

With installation, the backsplash will be placed on the countertop and will be adhered to the backsplash wall with a silicone product. In order to seal the angles where the backsplash joins with the wall and the countertops, caulk is used to seal the various junctures.

With professional installation, a full height granite backsplash is only installed after the countertops are in place. Measurements then have to be taken to determine the remaining space of the area between the countertops and any existing cabinets. Again, these measurements are taken once the countertops have been installed. This is an important aspect as there can be small differences in the width of granite pieces.

Main Advantage

There is one main advantage to utilizing a granite backsplash, either in standard or full height, and that is the cleaning and maintenance aspect. With a one dimensional surface, like granite, it is much easier to remove stains from food, grease and other debris when you have an area that is free of tile and grout, both of which have to be cleaned on a regular basis. The process is much faster and quicker when all you have to do is spray or wipe with a natural granite cleaner on one smooth area.

Choosing Height

Choosing the best height for your granite backsplash is one of individual taste, convenience, decorative sense, cost and logistics.

Standard Height

A shorter, standard 4-inch backsplash is going to be less costly as well as convenient. Adding a small amount of granite to a countertop budget is going to minimally impact what has been budgeted for countertops. The shorter backsplash can also be installed along with the countertops, so no time is lost waiting on tiling and other installations.

There is also adaptability for decorative design ideas with a shorter backsplash, as considerably more wall space will be available to use paint, tile, wallpaper, architectural pieces or other elements to style and enliven the area.

The only downside to a shorter backsplash is that the wall above it is vulnerable to food debris, grease, and other stains, but this problem can be eliminated with the use of a full length backsplash that is placed in back of an oven or range area. The shorter or standard backsplash can still be used in the remaining countertop areas of a kitchen.

Full Height

A full height backsplash will be more expensive than a shorter, standard backsplash, and it will require additional time for installation. Full height backsplashes are also not that easy to remove if a homeowner wants to make decorative changes with tile or other materials.

There is also the possibility of utilizing other types of natural material other than granite for a full height effect. Granite can still be used on the countertops while marble or other natural stone can be utilized for the backsplash. This could get expensive, but it is another way to create both and elongated backsplash and an interesting and novel look for a kitchen space.

Whether you choose a standard granite backsplash or a full height backsplash, your kitchen area walls will stay clean and pristine looking for years, as will your countertops. If you are still unsure as to what is a better choice for you and your kitchen, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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