When you plan your bathroom renovation, you are likely thinking about such things as updating your flooring, tile, countertops, vanity, shower, tub and more. You may be considering different palettes to use, toilet styles and storage features when you are planning the perfect design for your bathroom.

It is important to also think about the plumbing system you currently have installed so you can determine whether or not you need to update it as well to support your newly installed items. You’ll want to ask an expert the following plumbing questions in order to make your determination.

1. Do you need to update your pipes?

In order to avoid future leaks, it is a good idea to complete your needed pipe updates during your planned bathroom remodel. During a complete bathroom renovation project, you’ll likely be tearing out tile, flooring and fixtures, so it is the ideal time to take a look at your pipes while they are easily accessible. For proper water flow to multiple outlets, your supply pipes should be 3/4 inches. This is especially important if you plan to have multiple shower heads in your new shower.

2. How much hot water will you need for your new fixtures?

Many people want to add whirlpool tubs or freestanding tubs that are separate from their showers. You’ll want to ask your plumbing expert how much hot water will be needed to fill those types of tubs while also still having enough remaining for the rest of your home.

3. Do you know your water pressure needs?

Features such as multiple heads in your shower, oversized showers and body sprays have turned modern showers into in-home spas. When you will be adding such things as rainfall showerheads and massaging sprays, you will want to make certain you have an adequate supply of water to give you the good pressure you want.

To get good water pressure from your showerhead, you’ll need at least 40 pounds of pressure. If you live in the city, the municipal water supply should be sufficient as most are closer to 60 pounds of pressure. If you instead use a well for your home’s water supply, you’ll want to make certain it will reliably supply the pressure you need before you decide to install multiple showerheads and body sprays.

4. Is there a way to save water with your bathroom renovation?

Renovating your bathroom provides you with an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s water consumption. You may want to look for fixtures that help with water efficiency. One example is a toilet that uses less water per flush. This can help you with your monthly budget while also lessening your impact on the environment.

5. Are there heating features to add to your bathroom?

When you want to add heating options to your bathroom, your bathroom remodel is the ideal time to do so. Installing heating under your floors lets you step across warm tiles instead of tiles that are cold. You can also add towel warmers so that you can wrap yourself in the warmth of your towels when you step out of your bath or shower.

6. Do you have enough space for all of the features you want to add?

The modern bathroom design features require that your bathroom space is sufficient. You’ll want to make certain that you know your bathroom’s dimensions, the amount of space each fixture will require and how all of the ones you choose will fit together.

When you seek out the help of professional designers, they can help you answer all of these questions during the process of designing your dream bathroom. To learn more how we can help you figure out the best features for your bathroom, call us to schedule your appointment today.

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